Orangutan Gaming Announces Its Female Valorant Roster


Orangutan Gaming Announces Its Female Valorant Roster

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Orangutan Gaming announced a new Valorant roster for the Valorant Champions Tour 2023 (VCT 2023): Game Changers Championship.
The roster includes the following players: zini, Chloettw, Japips, CaspeR, and capriciouS.

Orangutan Gaming has announced its new female Valorant roster via a post on its social media handles. The roster includes five female players and one male coach. Moving forward, this new roster will represent the organization in all the upcoming female Valorant tournaments, including the Valorant Champions Tour 2023 (VCT 2023): Game Changers Championship.

Orangutan Gaming is one of the leading Indian esports organizations with teams in various titles, including Valorant, Free Fire, and Valorant. With this new roster, the organization will aim for immense success in the VCT 2023: Game Changes.

Orangutan Gaming’s female Valorant roster

Orangutan Gaming’s female Valorant roster includes the following: 

  • zini (in-game leader)

  • Chloe “Chloettw” Wong

  • Japips

  • Neha “CaspeR” Sottany

  • capriciouS

  • Asad “GuNNeR” Azam (coach) 

Orangutan Gaming debuted in VCT Game Changers in April 2022 with a roster comprising Indian and Southeast Asian players. The team made a strong showing in 2022 and gained wide recognition in the Asia-Pacific region. Unfortunately, its player Neha “CaspeR” Sottany had to leave the competitive lineup on 10th October 2022, due to a medical emergency. Following this, the organization also decided to part ways with Risalma “oreopheliaa” Agnia and Denise “Kachow” on 1st November 2022. On 11th January 2023, Swayambika “Sway” Sachar announced her departure from the team. She tweeted that she will be taking a break from competitive Valorant to focus on her education. 

On 12th January, Orangutan Gaming announced the arrival of its two new Valorant players, zini and capriciouS, through Twitter. zini was introduced as the in-game leader (IGL) of the team, and capriciouS as a duelist. 

Although CaspeR took a break from competitive Valorant esports, she is back on the roster to compete in VCT 2023. Japips and Chloettw joined Orangutan Gaming in April and June 2022, respectively. Both these players will be a part of Orangutan Gaming for VCT 2023 as well.

The Valorant competition in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is expanding quickly. With a new roster, Orangutan Gaming is optimistic about the future, and fans should anticipate seeing the team's potential with the inclusion of these two new players. 

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