Next Overwatch 2 Damage Hero Venture: Gameplay, Abilities, Release Date, More

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Next Overwatch 2 Damage Hero Venture: Gameplay, Abilities, Release Date, More


Overwatch 2 released official gameplay footage of the upcoming new damage hero Venture at BlizzCon 2023.
Venture has a set of rather unique abilities which allows here to drill underground and then resurface after sometime.
Here is everything we know about Venture which will be coming to Overwatch 2 next year.

A lot of information about what Overwatch 2 has in store for players in 2024 was announced during BlizzCon 2023 including rough details about three heroes slated for release next year.

The first of these called Venture is going to be a damage hero and is scheduled to release alongside Season 10. This is going to be a non-binary character and will be identified by they/them pronouns, according to Ana Martínez, Character Tech Artist for Overwatch 2.

Venture was the only hero for which initial gameplay footage was shared by Overwatch 2, showcasing some of her abilities, while also talking a bit about the character design.

Upcoming Overwatch 2 Damage Hero Venture: Everything We Know So Far

Venture is the second Overwatch 2 character from Canada and the first who identifies as non-binary. An archeologist by profession, the hero is armed with a weapon that looks like a drilling machine along with an ice axe, backpack, gum boots, overcoat, and goggles, which completes her getup.

Overwatch 2 New Damage Hero Venture: Concept Art

Venture: Gameplay, Weapon, Abilities

The drilling machine Venture holds is the primary weapon which shoots single projectiles that explode upon impact or after traveling certain distance and deals damage. The reload animation of this weapon stands out with a great futuristic animation.

  • Ammo: 8 Bullets

The first ability is a simple forward dash where Venture keeps her weapon in front dealing damage to all those that come in contact while acting as an initiation or escape mechanism.

  • Cooldown: 8 Seconds

The second ability allows Venture to become invulnerable by digging underground and moving around the map for a short duration before surfacing by thrusting upwards in a straight vertical lift.

All those standing above will be damaged making this useful for penetrating the backline, singling out an enemy, or simply escaping a tough situation.

The cooldown of this ability only starts after Venture resurfaces, so players will have to keep that in mind while playing, otherwise they might get caught at the wrong time.

  • Underground Duration: 4 Seconds

  • Cooldown: 8 Seconds

Venture: Release Date

Venture is currently under development and the character might still undergo some changes. For now, details about her ultimate have been held back and will be released at a later point in time.

The next major update for Overwatch 2 will be released on 5th December which will mark the release of Season 8. However, Venture has been announced for a Season 10 release which is estimated to go live around April and May next year.

This is early information and could change as we go closer to the actual date of release, but these are the official details that have been shared with the public for now.

Venture seems to be a rather unique character with a set of abilities that are very different from anything that currently exists in the game. The underground ability makes it possible for this character to escape abilities easily and reposition to turn things around single handedly.

This is a one-of-a-kind mechanic that is new to Overwatch 2 and possibilities seem to be endless. It will be interesting to see how players use it in different ways and how many changes does the hero undergo before final release.

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