All Overwatch 2 Plans for 2024: New Heroes, Battle Pass Themes, Map, Game Mode

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>All Overwatch 2 Plans For 2024: New Heroes, Battle Pass Themes, Map, Game Mode</p></div>
All Overwatch 2 Plans For 2024: New Heroes, Battle Pass Themes, Map, Game Mode


Overwatch 2 has announced details about what players can expect from the game next year in 2024.
Aaron Keller, Game Director of Overwatch 2, provided a series of details about some heroes that will join the game next year along with other bits of information.
Here are complete details about everything that has been shared with the community regarding Overwatch 2 roadmap for 2024.

Overwatch 2 has released a lot of information about what players can expect from the game next year in 2024. The announcement was made as part of a discussion panel at BlizzCon 2023 currently being held in Anaheim, California, USA after a hiatus of four years.

The new tank hero, Mauga, was the biggest reveal made on 3rd November and the fact that it is available for a three-day trial ahead of its official release has kept the community busy.

However, this was not the only piece of news shared and other bits included details about Overwatch 2's roadmap for 2024, like the battle pass themes for the next four seasons, the trio of heroes slated for release, and a new map being worked upon for another new game mode.

All Overwatch 2 Plans for 2024: Complete Details

BlizzCon 2023 was expected to be a big event and the slew of announcements made has made it stand out as a special two-day bonanza for the entire Overwatch 2 community.

Not only were they presented with the Overwatch 2 x LE SSERAFIM crossover but were also blessed with initial details about the 2024 roadmap for the game, a practical glimpse of the next hero which will be released next season, and the highly competitive Overwatch World Cup 2023.

All Overwatch 2 Heroes Releasing in 2024

Aaron Keller, Game Director of Overwatch 2, after announcing the release of Mauga, went on to reveal that three heroes have been planned for a 2024 release while sharing the first look at two of them.

The first hero named Venture will be a damage dealer and is slated for a Season 10 release. Based on the first look, this character seems to be wearing what looks like a trench coat, large boots, huge goggles on the head, an ice axe on the back, and a huge weapon that resembles a drilling machine.

Overwatch 2 2024 Hero: Venture

The second hero currently code-named 'Space Ranger' is going to play the role of support and will be released in Season 12 of the game. The first look gives a very sci-fi vibe with the character wearing what appears to be body armor or a modern space suit. This might allow her to fly around, providing some sort of mobility for better positioning or escape.

Overwatch 2 2024 Hero: Space Ranger

Not a lot of information was shared about the third hero which is predicted to release as part of Season 14 towards the end of 2024.

All Upcoming Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Themes

The concept of Seasons will continue as usual in 2024 with some of the themes that have been shared being as follows,

  • Eldritch Horror

    This could be quite similar to the ongoing Halloween theme but on the more weird and sinister side, while also emphasizing on ghost part of scary.

  • Egyptian Mythology

    Quite simple to understand from the title itself. This season will focus on all things related to Egyptian Mythology and could be similar to the Greek and Asian Mythology already touched upon by the developers.

  • Witches

    Another negative theme that an entire season would be based upon and could be an interesting one if differentiated well from other similar themes that will be released before it.

  • Mirror Universe

    The most interesting concept where the heroes will become villains and vice versa, making it truly stand out from the rest of the seasons. It will also give developers the room to come up with some really unique cosmetics that players will be eager to get their hands on and fun limited-time game modes.

New Map and Game Mode for Overwatch 2

Another new game mode called Clash will be following Flashpoint which recently made its debut in Overwatch 2 with only two maps under its belt.

According to Keller, Clash will have a total of five capture points spread across the map. The teams will start by contesting the middle point after which the fight will extend to the entire map as teams go back and forth to capture all five points. The winner will be decided based on the maximum score or if a team can capture all five points.

The new Overwatch 2 map called Hanaoka is being developed for this game mode and is going to be based on Hanamura, which is the ancestral home of the Shimada ninja clan.

There was no first look at the map or the game mode provided along with this announcement but Keller did mention that the cherry blossom trees will be making a return, leaving it to the imagination of the players while we wait for its release.

Overwatch 2 2024 Map: Hanaoka

This is all the information about the roadmap of Overwatch 2 for 2024 that was shared at BlizzCon 2024 along with the reveal of Mauga.

There is a lot in store for the players to enjoy next year as we close in on the last major update of this year which will also mark the release of Overwatch 2 Season 8 on 5th December.

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