New Overwatch 2 Tank Hero Mauga: All Abilities, How To Play, More


New Overwatch 2 Tank Hero Mauga: All Abilities, How to Play, More

Ready to rock with the dual gatling gun wielding character?

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Overwatch 2 has showcased and released the new tank hero Mauga for a limited-time.
Mauga will be officially released in Overwatch 2 Season 8 next month as part of the battle pass.
Here is everything you need to know about Mauga including all his abilities and how to play with him.

Overwatch 2 has finally released Mauga as the new Tank Hero and it is currently available for free till 5th November for all players to try out and enjoy.

The developers had long announced that Overwatch 2 will be adding a new character to the game in Season 8, releasing details about him at BlizzCon 2023 and even making it possible to play with Mauga for absolutely free across all game modes except competitive.

Mauga is a mountain of a person who likes to brawl in close quarters with his opponents, wielding a pair of dangerous chainguns, and causing absolute mayhem on the battlefield.

Here are complete details about Mauga's abilities and how you can go about playing with this ruthless tank hero in Overwatch 2.

Complete Details About New Overwatch 2 Tank Hero Mauga

Overwatch 2 has made it clear that this is not the official release for Mauga but a sort of teaser clubbed with a short two-day trial period. This will give all players a good understanding of the hero and how he might play out in the actual game.

Mauga: All Abilities, Weapons, Passives, Ultimate


  • Incendiary Chaingun | Left Click

    • This is one of the two automatic weapons held by Mauga that ignites enemies on repeated impacts.

    • This is the railgun held by Mauga in his left hand and is also called Gunny.

  • Volatile Chaingun | Right Click

    • This is one of the two automatic weapons held by Mauga that deals critical damage to burning enemies.

    • This is the railgun held by Mauga in his right hand and is also called Cha-Cha.

The two weapons mentioned above can be used one at a time or together, depending on the player and the situation. When used individually the player will have better control over the weapons as they will comparatively be more accurate, have less recoil, and considerably more range.

However, in close quarters the two weapons can be engaged together as the spread will be negated immensely, especially when fighting against other tanks or heroes who have a larger hitbox.

No matter how the player intends to use Mauga's weapons, both chainguns draw bullets from a single clip of 300 bullets, after which a reload of about three to four seconds is required.

Ideally, the weapons will be most efficient and deal maximum damage, when Mauga can burn an enemy by striking them repeatedly with the Incendiary Chaingun (Left Click) and once they are on fire start firing at them with the Volatile Chaingun (Right Click) to deal critical damage.

Overwatch 2 Tank Hero Mauga: Incendiary Chaingun and Volatile Chaingun


  • Overrun

    • Upon activation, Mauga charges forward and can be moved around by the player, followed by two options, either canceling this charge or converting it into a stomp to throw opponents back.

    • During this charge Mauga is unstoppable, rendering all crowd control abilities useless when used against him.

  • Cardiac Overdrive

    • Upon activation, all allies in a specific radius around Mauga will take reduced incoming damage while healing themselves by dealing damage.

The two abilities work in tandem to help Mauga close in on the distance between him and his opponents while being a carnage to deal with on the battlefield.

Not only does he go berserk and breaks apart the enemy's positioning with Overrun, but also helps his team back him up and stick around in the fight with the help of Cardiac Overdrive.

Overwatch 2 Tank Hero Mauga: Overrun and Cardiac Overdrive


  • Cage Fight

    • Mauga deploys a limited-time barrier that traps him along with all the enemies present in a certain radius around him. Everyone trapped cannot escape the cylindrical fighting ring but can move inside of it.

    • This barrier also blocks all incoming damage and healing by other opponents present outside of it, while granting Mauga unlimited ammo for the duration.

This is a great ultimate to hold down heroes that love to shuffle around the battlefield, isolate either the supports on the backline or damage dealers in the frontline from each other, and break dive comps that can be a pain to deal with when facing a well-coordinated stack.

Overwatch 2 Tank Hero Mauga: Cage Fight



  • Mauga gains temporary health whenever he deals critical damage to opponents.

  • This health stacks upon his base health and decays gradually when out of combat or not striking opponents with critical blows.

Role: Tank

  • Reduces all knockbacks received by the hero.

  • Less ultimate is generated by healing and receiving incoming damage.

  • Increases base health of the hero in Role Queue game modes.

The passive simply adds another layer of protection to help Mauga survive the chaos of rushing into the middle of any battlefield and engaging with multiple opponents at a single instance. It keeps him into the fight longer and rewards him for taking on the enemy head on.

Overwatch 2 Tank Hero Mauga: Weapons, Abilities, Passives, Ultimate

How to Play Mauga?

Mauga is a tank hero who likes to take things up close and personal, a threat to deal with in close quarters, and a constant annoyance from range with his endless streaks of bullets continuously peppering the enemy.

He loves to charge into the heat of things using Overrun and hopes to disrupt the enemy positioning, scattering them away from each other, and then taking 1v1 or 1v2 duels where he has a higher probability of coming on top.

The ideal gameplay when it comes to the weapon is to focus on one enemy at a time with his Incendiary Chaingun until they start to burn and then hunt them down with his Volatile Chaingun by dealing critical damage.

In case, the player finds himself up close with multiple enemies then they can let loose by firing both weapons simultaneously and allow their team to move in as well with the help of Cardiac Overdrive.

This tank is extremely helpful to break cordinated teams that like to play dive comps and charge as a unit, simply because Mauga can charge in and with good enough support survive long enough to deal a considerable amount of damage. If his ultimate is charged in such a situation then it can even lead to a team wipe without breaking any sweat.

As more players keep using the character different gameplay methods will be developed and refined, leading to more styles of playing him, and different situations in which he can be effective.

For now, Mauga is available for free this weekend and will be officially released as part of the battle pass that comes out with Season 8 on 5th December.

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