Mortal Shares Experience Of Wearing SID's Sneakers


Mortal Shares His Experience of Wearing Sneakers From SID's Collection

The price is based on perspective.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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During a recent livestream, Mortal shared his experience of wearing a pair of sneakers from SID's personal collection.
Mortal revealed that the shoes received a lot of praise from strangers who met him and even his uncle called them beautiful.
This was followed by Mortal poking SID in jest about the cost of the sneakers that he had worn.

Sneaker fever has taken over India in the last couple of years and it is only growing stronger. The gaming community seems to have been sucked into this trend with the majority of content creators, streamers, and athletes sporting fresh pairs of Jordans among other expensive collectibles.

During a recent livestream session, one of the biggest gaming creators from the country, Naman "Mortal" Mathur, shared what he experienced after sporting a pair of shoes straight out of Siddhant "SID" Joshi's sneaker collection.

Additionally, he also poked SID in jest about the cost of the sneakers, surprisingly not receiving any savage comebacks. Here is what the two personalities had to say on the topic.

Mortal shares his experience of wearing SID's sneakers while also poking him about the price of the shoes

One of the top gaming creators from India recently shared how he received a lot of praise for the shoes that he was wearing during a recent visit, which he had actually taken from SID's personal sneaker collection.

"Bro (SID), the shoes that I had borrowed from you received a lot of praise even from random people and strangers who recognized me and came to meet me," shared Mortal, "It is a crazy pair of shoes and even when I went home, my uncle took notice of them and said that they look really beautiful."

All of this was shared during a recent livestream session and to tease SID about the cost of those shoes Mortal deliberately poked him with a question, "My uncle liked the shoes, maybe he will even like the price of those sneakers!"

SID answered him by revealing that the shoes that he had borrowed were Nike SB Dunk Paisley and they were "not expensive" according to him, costing around "INR 20,000 to 22,000".

Nike SB Dunk Paisley

This was followed by a few classic jokes around the fact that this price is not that cheap for a pair of shoes, as SID came forward with an explanation that, "Compared to the kind of shoes that they normally wear, with Mortal also having quite the collection of his own. In comparison to that these shoes were quite low in cost."

While having a good laugh at the joke that he had pulled off Mortal nodded in agreement with what SID had to say, "Compared to all the INR 60,000, 80,000 and 1,00,000 shoes that are there in the collection, this is comparatively less."

This craze of collecting sneakers has taken quite a solid hold over the gaming community and no one is complaining because some of these sneakers do look really stunning, while also giving solid returns if someone wants to hold on to them as means of investment.

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