S8UL SID Shows His Sneaker, Apparel, Watch Collection


S8UL SID Shows His Entire Sneaker, Apparel, and Watch Collection

All that in just less than two years!!!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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In a recent closet tour, SID from S8UL showcased his impressive sneaker, apparel, and watch collection.
SID shared that he has built his collection of about 40 sneakers within the past two years.
SID further revealed his love for two apparel brands in particular, Drew House and ESSENTIALS.

The sneaker fever is running hot across India, influencing and taking over as the premier style statement for the younger generation. The gaming community is no exception with some of the top creators splurging on big brands to expand their respective collections.

One such personality who loves to keep his drip in check while winning all them trophies for S8UL is Siddhant "SID" Joshi. The man recently shared his impressive collection of sneakers, apparel, and watches during a closet tour with Main Street, India's premier street-wear fashion destination that deals in premium luxury apparel.

Despite having a petite sneaker collection in comparison to some others from the gaming industry, what stood out was the fact that SID was able to build all of his collection within just the last two years.

Closet Tour: SID shares his complete collection of sneakers, apparel, and watches

It is no secret that the world of sneakers has consumed SID, who has quickly grown his collection from his first purchase, Jordan 1 Retro High Tokyo Bio Hack, to now owning about 35 to 40 pairs of shoes that range from premium to impulsive purchases.

Jordan 1 Retro High Tokyo Bio Hack

Before showcasing his collection, SID clarified that he does not consider himself to be a collector, labeling himself as a "see shoe, like shoe, buy shoe" kind of a person.

But this does not take anything away from the fact that he absolutely loves shoes and streetwear, admitting to spending most of his money on them as he does not have a lot of other hobbies, "I would say I have spent a lot, probably 40-50% of what I've made in the last one year."

Regarding his most and least favorite purchases, SID mentions that Nike SB Dunk Low Strangelove is his most cherished pair out of the entire collection, while Golden Goose is the one that he is least fond of.

Moving on to his apparel collection, SID shares his love for two brands in particular - Drew House and ESSENTIALS, praising the latter for their hoodies and tracks.

"ESSENTIALS, I'm a huge fan. I love their hoodies and tracks, I think I have almost everything in their collection. It just feels good on my skin, I love the way it fits me," says SID, adding that he has recently stopped purchasing things from all other international brands except ESSENTIALS, shifting his focus towards Indian brands.

SID even showed his watch collection, something that he is just starting out with, and shared an interesting anecdote from September last year when he had spent about eight to nine lacs in a single day while shopping with his mother and brother.

It was certainly interesting to see how SID has grown over the course of the last couple of years as part of the mobile esports industry, and this was another refreshing take associated to his overall success.

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