Ludwig's 1997 Subaru Sambar is back in his possession.


Ludwig’s 1997 Subaru Sambar Retrieved, Thanks to His Community of LudBuds

This story has way too many twists!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Ludwig’s dream car, the 1997 Subaru Sambar, was tracked down and retrieved.
It was a wholesome community effort and here’s how it all went down.

On 1st March, Youtuber and content creator Ludwig updated his fans that he got his 1997 Subaru Sambar back. He thanked his community of ‘Ludbuds’, his assistant Nick Yingling and fellow podcaster Anthony "Slime" Bruno for their timely efforts and initiative. He also shouted out Redditor suufferPNG who called the police to help retrieve the minitruck. Recently, Ludwig’s prized possession, his 1997 Subaru Sambar which was imported from Japan, was stolen from a warehouse during the power outages in Los Angeles (LA), California. Following this, Ludwig took to YouTube and Twitter to appeal to his audience to keep an eye out for his minitruck, calling it his dream car.

How did Ludwig get his 1997 Subaru Sambar back?

Initially, he tweeted that the minitruck was spotted in the neighborhood of Sylmar in Los Angeles, but it was moved before they could AirTag the vehicle. A day later, Ludwig revealed that a Twitter user found the Subaru Sambar again parked in the same spot. Following this, they tried to call the police for assistance but it was to no avail, and later took it upon themselves to approach the car. 

As Ludwig’s assistant and The Yard podcaster Slime opened the Subaru Sambar with their key, they found a man inside the minitruck, who claimed that he did not steal the vehicle and that someone else, who owed him money, had given it to him.

Interestingly, when they said they wanted the car back, the person asked for $10,000 USD in return. Ludwig reacted in his Mogul Mail episode, “The car, first of all, doesn’t even cost that much. Besides the fact that I will be paying for what is literally mine that was stolen for me, it is not worth $10,000. It was $5,500. Literally half that.”

As Ludwig’s assistant and Slime were about to call the police, the person in the vehicle stormed the scene. However, the minitruck was spotted again, thanks to a post on Ludwig’s subreddit.

Ludwig said, “There is a crazy community effort of people who happen to live around that area in Los Angeles, just walking around, keeping their eyes peeled, and tracking this down.

He added that his community not only tracked what city the minitruck was in but the exact mall outlet named “Jin’s Massage.”  Ludwig noted that the original poster suufferPNG immediately called the police who arrived at the destination. 

Upon seeing the police, the person ran down the street, and following this, the car was retrieved, noted Ludwig. He said, “We parked this [mini truck at an] undisclosed location. Try to park it very far away, just keep it under wraps for a while because the fact of the matter is we only have one of the apparent two keys for this car.

On Twitter, Ludwig said, “Thanks to everyone who tracked it down on Reddit/Twitter. Big thanks to @zNickYingling for driving all day to random locations in LA. And a special shoutout to Suuffer.png for staying with the car the whole way (we’re sending you free merch ASAP maybe a bidet too)

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