LS, Doublelift, and Jensen Mald About Playing Against RJS in Champions Queue

RJS has a lot of "hot-takes"

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RJS is a League of Legends player and personality who is known for his “hot-takes” and his opinion that he is better than most LCS players.
LS, Jensen, and Doublelift discussed RJS’ transformation as a League of Legends player and his personality.
The trio wondered if he was trolling as a marketing strategy or if he actually believed what he is saying.

League of Legends esports player Alexey "RJS" Zatorski was the topic of discussion recently on the Twitch stream of Nick "LS" De Cesare. RJS is currently a substitute mid-laner for Bogged and was also a part of the Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) Academy team. In a call with Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen and Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng, LS talked about the transformation of RJS, a player who is known for his “hot-takes.”

Jensen began the conversation by saying that he has been playing a lot of Champions Queue but added, “In the last two weeks of playing it, it was just me playing against RJS mid-lane every single game.” Following this statement, LS broke into a roar of laughter and Doublelift sarcastically hinted that RJS was the best player in the game. He said, “That must be so demoralizing. You have to win lane at some point but it is just RJS f**** every time.

Jensen caught on to the sarcasm that RJS was a fierce opponent and continue the sarcastic jibes by saying that it was tough and it was a good learning experience but eventually he was fed up. The trio then talked about how turning off the nameplates in-game might help cope with the “pressure”. Doublelift added, “It is actually so f*** good to know that, nameplates off, we have a player who is better than Chovy (mid-laner for) and actually teams are so stupid for letting this [RJS] in the rough, go to waste.

Hot-takes of RJS: Are they a marketing strategy?

When Jensen pondered if RJS’ takes were “just a marketing strategy” or if that is how he actually thinks, LS said RJS’ takes started privately but migrated to Twitter. LS added, “It first started with Malice. I and Malice were talking about it because we [Malice and LS] used to live with RJS for a year and he wasn’t like this in Korea.” Following this, LS jokingly opined that CLG changes people and pointed out how those associated with CLG usually are “below his tweets” and are quote-tweeting them.

Doublelift weighed in on this and stated that the things that RJS says get him viewership and it is benefitting him monetarily. “People love to watch [a] trainwreck. They actually actively love to hate-watch someone. Maybe he actually believes in it.” Even Doublelift wondered if RJS truly believed in his takes or if he was just doing them for the views.

LS said the community thought RJS was trolling at first and that it would end after a month of experimentation. He added that it is not funny anymore and Jensen said he takes things “to the most extreme.

Who is RJS and what is the meme?

RJS has been in the League of Legends esports scene since 2016 and he has had the opportunity to represent multiple organizations during the course of time. According to Fandom, he is the first North American player to play in three different regions (North America, CIS, and Korea). He was briefly the mid laner for CLG in Spring 2021 before the team dropped him for Eugene "Pobelter" Park.

Recently, on his stream, RJS outright proclaimed that he is better than a lot of the junglers in the LCS. “Believe me or not. Like it or not. I am literally a better jungler than most LCS players.

The reason why Doublelift and Jensen memed about the nameplates being turned off in-game is because RJS said that he would be the “best player in the world” if the nameplates were turned off and if we were to consider all the roles.

A comment on a Youtube clip recalled a few Champions Queue games featuring Jensen and RJS. The user said, “Just saw a game today of Jensen vs RJS both Mid and Jungle against each other. The mid-lane game RJS got camped [get assisted by jungler] so hard that Jensen went 0/6/0 and Jensen won that game dealing more dmg than RJS. And the jungle game RJS ended up winning very late but Jensen actually had a good Diana game, RJS’ Kha [Kha’Zix] was really bad.

A comment on Youtube explaining RJS' takes for every role

The meme in the League of Legends community is that RJS thinks he is better than most players in the LCS and that he could play even his off-roles very well.

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