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LoL Patch 14.3 Preview: Champion Adjustments, Quality of Life Changes & More

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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It seemed like the new season just kicked off yesterday but we are already gearing up for the third patch.
In LoL Patch 14.3, Riot Games is keen on bringing more balance to League of Legends via champion adjustments, quality of life buffs and more.
Here's all you need to know about LoL Patch 14.3.

League of Legends Season 2024 has been up and running for quite a few weeks now. We are already gearing up for the third patch of the season: LoL Patch 14.3.

As usual, unveiling the patch preview was Lead Designer: League Balance Team & Preseason Matt Leung-Harrison aka Riot Phroxzon. He wrote on Twitter, "4.3! Snowball, game length, objective power are still feeling pretty good! Tomorrow will be detailed patch preview and the day after, I'm going to chat a little more about ranked (just to not have too much stuff in one go)."

Apart from quality of life changes and adjustments, Riot Games is looking forward to nerfing several items with extreme burst so that players can survive a bit longer and sustain the damage output of new items.

Having said all that, here are all the tentative changes in LoL Patch 14.3.

All Buffs, Nerfs & Adjustments in LoL Patch 14.3

The champions who are getting adjusted are predominantly the one who have been having a hard time with the systemic changes. This includes Illaoi and Maokai.

Champions who have been strong for quite sometime, like Trundle, are getting nerfed. Talking about these nerfs, Phroxzon added, "Champions with %maxHP damage that benefit from everyone having more HP (Lillia, Brand) and pro champs like Azir, Karma (we overbuffed here)." Rengar will also get nerfed since he double benefitted from the Hubris + Profane buffs.

For buffs, champions like Nidalee who lost Night Harvester are getting some help. Aside from these, champions who are building wrong items like Zeri are also getting buffed.


  • Aurelion Sol

  • Yorick

  • Corki

  • Illaoi

  • Maokai

  • Zyra

  • Shaco


  • Nidalee

  • Pyke

  • Wukong

  • Zeri

  • Ziggs


  • Azir

  • Brand

  • Karma

  • Lillia

  • Rengar

  • Trundle

System Buffs, Adjustments & Nerfs in LoL Patch 14.3

System Buffs

  • Guinsoo's Rageblade

  • Essence Reaver

  • Luden's Companion

  • Malignance

  • Archangel's / Seraph's

  • Rod of Ages

System Nerfs

  • Collector

  • Kaenic Rookern

  • Youmuu's Ghostblade

System Adjustments

  • Item Proc damage

  • Statikk Shiv

  • Stridebreaker

When does LoL Patch 14.3 Release?

LoL Patch 14.3 is expected to go live on 7th February, according to Riot Game’s official patch schedule.

  • Oceania: 10 am AEST

  • North America: 3 am PT

  • Europe West: 5 am GMT 

  • Europe Nordic and East: 3 am CET

  • South Korea: 8 am KR 

The game will also be down for a while for maintenance before the patching begins.

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