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LoL Patch 13.21: All Buffs, Nerfs & Adjustments Explained

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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In LoL Patch 13.21, the developers are focused on further adjustments based on major tweaks from the previous update.
A total of 18 champions are either getting buffed, nerfed, or adjusted.
Here's all you need to know about LoL Patch 13.21.

Riot Games rolls out a new patch for League of Legends every two weeks. In between updates, the changes are tested out on a separate server called the Public Beta Environment (PBE). On cue, following the roll out of LoL Patch 13.20 on 11th October, the developers are testing the upcoming patch's changes on the PBE.

LoL Patch 13.21 is basically a continuation of the previous patch. On 17th October, Lead Designer: League Balance Team & Preseason Matt Leung-Harrison aka Riot Phroxzon previewed the upcoming patch on his Twitter, explaining all the changes in detail.

Here's all you need to know about LoL Patch 13.21.

Buffs and Nerfs in LoL Patch 13.21

Talking about the overall state of the game, Phroxzon stated that Riot's early indications of how LoL 13.20 landed were pretty positive.

"Players have been appreciating the slower paced games, better fight pacing and reduced snowball out of the early game. Game time is up about a minute and back to where it was in ~Season 7-8. Snowballing is around the lowest level it has been in around 5 years," he added.

The developer also felt that the jungle changes landed reasonably well overall and that Riot Games feels the recent changes help reward junglers who are more efficient. As a result, there is a proper balance between ganking and farming.

However, Riot Phroxzon acknowledged that within-role champion balance is off. For example, he felt that some tanks were too strong while a lot of marksman champions are too weak.

Champion Buffs

Having said all this, here are the champions that are getting buffed in LoL Patch 13.21:

  • Bel'Veth

  • Hecarim

  • K'Sante

  • Kha'Zix

  • LeBlanc

  • Master Yi

  • Morgana Jungle

  • Tahm Kench top

Champion Nerfs

The nerfs in LoL Patch 13.21 are directed at:

  • Aurelion Sol

  • Briar

  • Caitlyn (lethality build)

  • Dr Mundo

  • Jinx

  • Rammus

Apart from these champions, three champions will be getting adjusted. They are as follows:

  • Brand Jungle

  • Support Seraphine

  • Jungle Zyra

System Nerfs & Adjustments in LoL Patch 13.21



  • Bonus armor and Magic Resist (MR) reduced:

    • Melee: 10 – 75 >>> 10 – 60

    • Ranged: 5 – 35 >>> 5 – 30


First Strike

  • Bonus true damage reduced: 8% >>> 7%

Phase Rush

  • Melee bonus Movement Speed (MS) decreased: 30-60% >>> 25 – 50%

Jungle Pet

  • Base damage reduced: 16 >>> 15.5

  • Bonus Attack Damage (AD) ratio reverted: 0% >>> 10%

  • AP scaling reverted: 10% >>> 12%

  • Heal per attack changed: 70% of damage dealt >>> 13 – 46 (lvls 1 to 12), healing cap removed

  • Large monster capped at 90 health

When does LoL Patch 13.21 Release?

LoL Patch 13.21 is expected to go live on 25th October, according to Riot Game’s official patch schedule.

  • Oceania: 10 am AEST

  • North America: 3 am PT

  • Europe West: 5 am GMT 

  • Europe Nordic and East: 3 am CET

  • South Korea: 8 am KR 

The game will also be down for a while for maintenance before the patching begins.

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