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Leaks Suggest Omen Will Receive Massive Paranoia Buffs in Valorant’s Patch 3.08

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant’s Patch 3.08 might introduce major changes to Omen's Paranoia and From The Shadows.
Omen will reportedly not block his teammates' vision when using Paranoia and he will also blind enemies when using From The Shadows.
The changes are expected to go live with patch 3.08 which is expected to drop around 20th October.

Valorant’s controller agent Omen was very dominant in the competitive meta but his pickrate fell off over the months. Viper, Astra, Skye, Sova and Jett had over 50% pick rate in the Valorant Masters Berlin’s playoffs stages while Omen had a 2.9% pick rate in contrast. Even when accounting for the group stage matches, he had an 8% pick rate, which puts him among the bottom five agents in Valorant.

Omen might be getting some serious buffs to his Paranoia ability in the game’s next patch to make him appealing for ranked and competitive play. On top of his kit being difficult to master, players also have to coordinate the ability as it can cut off vision from his teammates and what is exactly what Riot Games wants to change in Valorant’s patch 3.08.

What changes are coming to Omen in Valorant patch 3.08

Using the Paranoia ability can cut off vision for not only enemies but also allies, which makes Omen a complicated character to play. You could unintentionally grief your teammates if you do not coordinate the ability’s usage, making him less than ideal if you are not playing with a full stack. According to leaks, Paranoia will no longer cut off vision for allies starting with patch 3.08.

In addition to the Paranoia buff, Omen’s ultimate ability ‘From the Shadows’ will blind all enemies that are present within a radius. Canceling your ultimate will not waste the ability and it will allow Omen players to traverse anywhere on the map without being killed right after a teleport. While the buff sounds great on paper, the radius of the blinding effect will determine if the change will make Omen viable again.

The Omen buffs should go live later this month

Casters who were involved in an Indian Valorant esports event ‘Skyesports Championship 3.0’, leaked the changes. Riot Games is yet to officially confirm any of the leaks and has not commented on any upcoming changes yet. The only confirmed buffs are for Yoru, whose rework has been delayed on multiple occasions.

With patch 3.07 dropping on 5th October, 2021, we can expect Valorant’s patch 3.08 to drop around 20th October. Riot Games typically pushes out updates with 15 day intervals and with the Valorant Champions Tour Last Chance Qualifiers taking place until 17th October, fans will have to wait just over a week to see if the leaks are true.

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