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Riot Games Reveals New Details About Valorant’s Next Agent

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant character producer John Goscicki revealed that the game's next agent will be an Initiator.
Goscicki revealed that the upcoming agent will focus on mechanical outplays with an additional focus on gunplay.
Jett tweaks are underway because the dev team is seeing patterns of play that fall far outside the space it carved for her as a Duelist.

Riot Games' latest developer update revealed new information about the game’s next agent. The developers are working on a new Sentinel, who will release later this year. Valorant character producer John Goscicki hinted that the upcoming agent will be mechanically demanding but he did not reveal any information about the agent's kit.

The new agent should be available sometime in November 2021 once Episode 3 Act 3 drops. The developer update also had some important information about the state of the agents and how the developers want to shape the future meta by adjusting outliers like Skye, Jett, KAY/0 and Yoru.

What to expect from Valorant’s next agent

Goscicki said that the developers “took a step back and thought about different ways to provide another Sentinel to the roster. A Sentinel that focuses on mechanical outplays, with an additional focus of gunplay into the mix for an extra flourish. We won’t reveal much more, just know that once you achieve that dream moment, it will be magnifique!”

All we know so far is that the upcoming agent is codenamed ‘Deadeye’ or ‘Sprinter.’ Data miners have been trying to pry out more information from the game files but there is not much to go on just yet and we will have to wait for an official announcement later this year.

Yoru rework delayed once again

The developer update had some unfortunate news for Yoru mains. It seems Yoru's rework is being delayed once again. Goscicki said that the rework is still being looked into and Riot Games cannot provide a release date for the changes just yet.

Jett may receive further balance changes

Jett had over an 80% pick rate at Valorant Masters Berlin and it does not look like Riot Games is happy with the current state of the agent. Goscicki stated that “at pro play/different MMR ranges we’re seeing patterns of play that fall far outside the space we carved for her as a Duelist.”

The developers feel that reducing the number of smokes will force Jett to use each smoke sparingly, with more calculation in mind. The changes to her smokes are not out yet and Riot Games will be closely monitoring the agent once the planned changes go live to see if any further balance adjustments will be necessary.

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