Singularity Phantom is one of the Best Phantom Skins for Valorant in October 2021


Best Phantom Skins for Valorant in October 2021

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The Phantom is a fully automatic rifle available for 2,900 credits in Valorant. The Phantom has a high fire rate, low recoil, and comes with a silencer, making it a popular choice among players. The Phantom currently has 27 skins, some with ‘evolving' variants. There are several attractive Phantom skins to choose from, some with great animations. Phantom skins are available in the Valorant store, which rotates weapon and melee skins in two sections: Featured and Offers. The Featured section rotates every two weeks and the Offers section rotates every 2–3 days. Individual skins rotate every 24 hours, and can be unlocked with Valorant Points (VP). VP can only be purchased using real currency within the Valorant game client. As of now, Silvanus Phantom and Singularity Phantom are available for the next 12 hours in the store. Here are the best Phantom skins for Valorant in October 2021.

2,175 VP Phantom Skins

Glitchpop 2.0 Phantom

Glitchpop 2.0 Phantom comes with 4 variants.

Riot Games

The Glitchpop 2.0 Phantom is a futuristic neon skin with the base version decorated with cute stickers of unicorns and other pop characters. The skin’s muzzle flash with the silencer adds another neon pop to the screen while the reloading animation actually glitches the whole gun. While the whole Glitch Pop line is a standout, the Glitch Pop Phantom is one of the best Phantom skins in Valorant.

Oni Phantom

The Oni Phantom 'evolves' and levels, with each variant more incredible than the last.

Riot Games

The Oni skin line is based on the demon appearing in Japanese folktales. Onis are typically portrayed as hulking figures with one or more horns growing out of their heads. Stereotypically, they are conceived of as red, blue, or white-colored demons. Keeping with this theme, the base Oni skin has a similar color palette. The demon head featured at the base of the gun glows jade green in game as the muzzle flashes green. As you 'level up' the skin, it changes colors with added hues of gold, signature macha green, iconic cherry blossoms and finally white with blue bamboo accents. Each variant adds a different glow to the demon head featured on the Oni Phantom. If you’re looking for a Phantom skin with a Japanese aesthetic, this is the one for you.

Singularity Phantom

The singularity skin line is interstellar themed, based on black holes.

Riot Games

The Singularity Phantom is a minimalistic space-themed skin, based on a black hole. The whole gun structure moves as you shoot and seems to come apart and back together again when you reload it, being held together by purple energy. Killing enemies with the Singularity Phantom creates a large black hole which sucks downed players in, making for a cool kill animation. The gun sounds consist of futuristic whizzes and the muzzle flash is a small black hole.

BlastX Phantom

The BlastX Phantom has a nerf-gun vibe to it, with a plastic-like texture.

Riot Games

The BlastX Phantom has a unique toy theme and gives players a chance to relive the joy of unwrapping gifts. The skins are covered in Christmas-themed wrapping paper which must be torn off every time you equip the skin. The bright toy gun colors fire nerf-gun bullets and turn the enemy into a giant present as a finisher. The kill banner also comes with a guitar riff sound effect that rises in pitch with each kill.

1,775 VP Phantom Skins

Celestial Phantom

The Celestial Phantom has a dynamic skin background.

Riot Games

The Celestial Phantom has a distinct asian theme, featuring a sunset background of clouds over mountains set in blue and gold. The skin comes with a dynamic skin background with stars raining down upon the mountains.

Spline Phantom

The alien-looking Spline Phantom adds a threatening aura to any player holding it. 

Riot Games

Another futuristic looking skin with an interstellar vibe, the Spline Phantom looks like it was taken from an alien’s armory. The squiggly design and glowing orbs for bullets add an extraterrestrial aesthetic to the skin. While the skin doesn’t come with any effects, the little orbs dropping out when you scope and shoot add a nice touch.

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