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Riot Games Disables Valorant’s “Pay to Lose” RGX 11z Pro skin bundle

Abhimannu Das
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Riot Games has disabled Valorant's RGX 11z Pro skin bundle due to frame drops caused by the skins' level five upgrades.
Players can still purchase the bundle but they will be able to upgrade the skins till level four only.
There is no official word on when a fix will be available but Riot Games has promised an update once the issue is fully assessed.

Valorant’s new RGX 11z Pro skin bundle was causing massive frame drops which compelled the developers to disable the skin bundle temporarily. Launched with patch 3.07, the new bundle had special skins with the ability to show your kill counter on the skins themselves, but it was at the expense of your FPS taking a dip of up to 100 frames in some cases. The skins have been disabled temporarily until Riot Games finds a fix.

Riot staff responds to concerns about the RGX 11z Pro skin bundle

Riot Games Senior Producer for Valorant, Preeti Khanolkar, said on Reddit that Riot Games is aware of the issue and is “looking into this since Wednesday night Pacific Time". It was essentially a few hours after the skin went live in the store. The devs tested it for performance before the skin bundle shipped but somehow missed the FPS drops that the skins are causing. She apologized for the issues placers have been facing. Currently Riot Games is looking into the matter with “some investigation into the full severity of it and will determine if we hotfix this or push an update in the next patch.”

It is unknown when a fix will be available. With the devs considering deployment of the fix in the next patch, it could take two weeks until the skins become available again. Khanolkar said that she will update the playerbase on when a fix will be available when the fix is determined.

The issue seems to be widespread with even Sentinels pro Shahzeb “ShahZam” Khan pointing out that he was experiencing frame drops when using one of the new skins. If you want to refund the skins because of the issue, you can check out our guide on how to refund skins in Valorant.

Players can still purchase the skins but they cannot be upgraded to Level 5 and color variants for the skin will also not be available. The melee skin can still be upgraded. If you wanted to purchase the new skin bundle specifically for the kill tracker and the level 5 customizations, it is recommended to not spend your Valorant Points until a fix is deployed.

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