End of the year events lined up for League of Legends in December 2023


League of Legends Year End: Save These Dates (December 2023)

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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With the roll out of LoL Patch 13.24, players are on the last leg of the 2023 Season in League of Legends.
With the new season on the horizon, Riot Games has planned a few events for December 2023, all of which are a sure treat for players.
Here are all the events lined up for League of Legends in December 2023.

On 6th December, Riot Games rolled out the last ever patch — LoL Patch 13.24 — for League of Legends Season 2023. The next we hear from the publisher will be in LoL Patch 14.1 which will be introducing all the exciting gameplay changes.

However, before taking leave for the holiday season, Riot Games has an array of interesting events lined up for this last patch of the season.

Before that, players were introduced to Hwei, the Visionary, and also the return of fan-favorite Arena mode.

Having said that, here are some of the dates you need to save in December 2023 for special events.

LoL Patch 13.24 Events: Save These Dates in December 2023

On 8th December, Riot Games hyped up the player base by talking about ARAM [All Random All Mid] Clash, and also the Winterblessed Event. It also urged players to continue their climb in the ranked ladders in this final leg of the 2023 League of Legends season.

Here are all the dates you need to save in December 2023:

ARAM Clash: Lock In & Tournament Dates

The ARAM mode in League of Legends is one place where a majority of players let loose and enjoy the game without caring about ranks. It was in December 2022 that Riot Games announced the first ARAM Clash and it instantly became a favorite among players.

Riot Games  gave more information about Clash and ARAM Clash in a developer diary update.

Now, Riot Games has confirmed that ARAM Clash will happen on 9th and 10th December, with the team lock-in phase going live on 4th December.

Dates to remember:

  • 4th December: ARAM Clash Lock-In Begins

  • 9th & 10th December: ARAM Clash matches

League of Legends Winterblessed Event 2023

Firstly, let us look at the schedule for the League of Legends December 2023 Winterblessed Event:

  • Start: 6th December at 11:00am PT

  • Event Ends: 8th January 2024 at 11:59pm PT

  • Event Shop Closes: 15th January 2024 at 1:00pm (PT)*

Players will start progressing through the pass without having to do anything and this will automatically happen the moment the event goes live. However, only certain rewards will be given out for free since players have to buy the pass to claim any other rewards they unlock.

Riot Games said, "Due to the fact that this event is slightly shorter than our standard Events, we packed in some extra Mission XP to make sure you earn rewards and progress through the Pass Milestones with the same amount of effort as usual. It's a winter miracle!"

Meanwhile, Riot Games also mentioned that the ranked queue will end on 9th January 2024, giving players ample time of one more month exactly to continue their climb in League of Legends.

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