Create invites to League of Legends lobbies or join games through Discord. 



League of Legends Players Can Now Join Games Through Discord

Nutan Lele
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Discord has enabled a new feature that lets players join and invite others to game lobbies for League of Legends.
You will need to have Activity Status enabled and be in the game lobby for this feature to work.

Discord has now made it easier to get into a game of League of Legends with friends through the app. Reddit user u/PixelHir noticed a new feature in the app that lets player invite their friends to League of Legends game lobbies and join games through Discord. Open five-man Summoner’s Rift and Howling Abyss (ARAM) lobbies are now visible to Discord users with an ‘Ask to join’ button available on their profiles. Note that this feature only works if you are currently in a lobby. Simply opening the League of Legends client will only display that you are playing the game but won’t give others the option to join. Note that your lobbies need to be open for this feature to work.

Discord adds option to invite League of Legends players and join games through the app

Players can also create server invites to specific Discord users through the chat function by clicking the ‘+’ button once you see the Green Play Button.

Once you're in a League of Legends game lobby, the green Play button will pop up in your chat.


Note that to access this feature players will need to turn on the ‘Display current activity as a status message.’ Toggle the button under the ‘Activity Status’ section of their Discord settings.

To help your friends join games through Discord, enable the activity status toggle in the activity settings menu. 


You'll need to have run the game at least once for Discord to detect it.

To join someone else’s game, just click on the username of the person you want to join. Then, in the user pop-out, click the 'ask to join' button. A bar will then appear at the top of your Discord window where you can cancel the request. Furthermore, once the request is accepted it will change to a green button that says 'Launch game and join'.

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