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League of Legends’ Next Champion, Vex, Will Release in September

Abhimannu Das
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League of Legends' next champion will arrive in September as confirmed by Riot Games.
In a recent 'Ask Riot' blog, Lead Champion Producer, Ryan “Reav3” Mireles talked about the upcoming champion.
The upcoming champion will use her "shadow" as her power source to use her abilities.

League of Legends’ Sentinels of Light event is ongoing and players have noticed a mysterious figure who is not in-game but present in the story. The gloomy Yordle who has shown up in the ongoing story event is none other than Vex, a Yordle who has played a part in Viego’s rise to power. While Vex is currently not playable in League of Legends despite her presence, it was revealed that the highly anticipated character will be coming to the game in September. Fans will have to wait only a few more weeks to find out what Vex brings to the table as the game’s newest champion.

Riot Games details Vex’s abilities and more

According to League of Legend’s lead champion producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, “As long as everything goes as planned, Vex should be coming out in September. We’re working on getting her source of power—aka her shadow—just right in game, which is why she’s releasing a bit after the Sentinels of Light event.

According to reports, Vex was originally designed to be an artillery mage but she was tweaked to be a burst mage, which caused a delay in her release date. In a blog post, Reav3 said, “she gets annoyed as hell with hyperactive champions dashing all around her. It’s enough to make her get serious and start clobbering all lifeforms full of irritating happiness dashing around her like pesky flies.

This bit of information suggests that she may have some form of slow effect in her abilities. With Yordles being capable of spiritual or elemental magic, Vex should be capable of harnessing powers akin to Lulu and Rumble.

In terms of lore, Vex may be Yuumi’s missing master. According to the official lore, Yuumi’s master disappeared by using the Book of Thresholds to “teleport to a dangerous place” which falls in line with Vex being in the Shadow Isles. There are portals outside Bandle City which connect to the Shadow Isles. Riot Games had teased that the upcoming “gloomy yordle” will play a big part in Viego’s story but we have no official information on how she will alter the fate of Runeterra and where her allegiances lie.

With at least four weeks to go until Vex is available to all players as a playable champion, Riot Games has plenty of time to showcase what she is capable of. Players should also be able to try her out in the Public Beta Environment which should go live closer to the champion’s release date.

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