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League of Legends Potentially Teased Norra As Its Next Playable Character

Abhimannu Das
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Norra might be League of Legends' next playable character as teased by the new Sentinels of Light lore video.
The character was spotted in splash art in the new video and she is connected to the lore of the upcoming event.
Riot Games is yet to confirm a release date for Norra, but fans are speculating her release to be as early as 8th July.

Riot Games published a video featuring details about the Sentinels of Light event in League of Legends and the studio may have just teased Norra, an upcoming “gloomy Yordle” champion. In the development update from January 2021, Riot Games talked about three new champions which included Gwen and Akshan. Details about the third champion were not specified and all we knew was that it is a “gloomy Yordle”, but the studio finally showed fans at what seems to be Norra. Here is a closer look at Norra and everything we know about her so far.

Is Norra the next League of Legends champion

Riot Games uploaded a new video “Story So Far | Rise of the Sentinels” to highlight the upcoming Rise of Sentinels event which will connect all of the studio’s games through standalone events. The events are expected to lead up to Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, the studio’s first single-player PVE title, scheduled to release later this year. However, at the end of the new lore video, fans caught a glimpse of a new splash art that features a gloomy Yordle which matches the description of Norra.

Sentinels of Light

At the end of the lore video, the narrator points out that Lucian and Senna need to recruit more Sentinels to take on Viego, the Ruined King, who has unleashed the Black Mist throughout Runeterra. The video ends with a splash art featuring Riven, Draven, and Olaf. There is also a silhouette of what is presumed to be Ruined Shyvana and Norra.

It remains to be seen what role Norra plays in the battle between the Sentinels and the Ruined King, Viego. Riot Games hinted that Norra will play an important part in the Runeterra lore and she might be one of the factors. Fans are speculating that the new character will be released during the Sentinels of Light event but it is merely speculation at this point. Riot Games is yet to officially confirm Norra’s release date and if she will be included in the new event.

Other Riot Games titles are also getting Sentinels of Light or Ruination-themed events with Viego, the Ruined King, being announced for Legends of Runeterra and new Ruination-themed skins being teased for Valorant among other content updates headed to Riot’s IPs over the coming days.

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