League of Legends NA and LATAM Servers Down - Everything You Need To Know


League of Legends NA and LATAM Servers Down - Everything You Need to Know

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League of Legends players in North America, Oceania, and Brazil were unable to play normal and ranked games.
The outage affected Valorant as well.

Riot Games experienced a service outage across the Americas today. North America (NA) and Latin America (LATAM) League of Legends servers were affected by an ISP (Internet Service Provoider) related outage, which prompted Riot Games to temporarily disable ranked queues. Eventually all queues were disabled for North America, Latin America, Brazil and Oceania while the developers dealt with the issue. Players across the region reported the issue to Riot after being unable to join matches for more than three hours for both League of Legends and Valorant. Jeremy "Brightmoon" Lee, executive producer of League of Legends at Riot Games took to Twitter to inform players about the outage. While normal game queues are slowly going back up, ranked queues continue to remain disabled while Riot works on a fix.

NA and LATAM League servers affected due to ISP outage

Players of League of Legends and Valorant experienced login and matchmaking issues during the outage. While Brightmoon announced that normal and ranked queues were back up for most of NA, according to Riot Games Service Status, Brazil is still experiencing issues with gifts of champions and skins. He also mentioned that Riot is working on removing dodge penalties applied to players during the outage.

As of now the issue seems to be resolved across regions. If you have experienced a loss or penalty during the outage, you can contact Riot support to reverse any punishments.

How to create a League of Legends ticket

1. Head to the official Riot Games Support website

NA and LATAM League Servers are up now but if you're still facing issues you can contact Riot Support.

2. Click on League of Legends

3. You can check the self-help section if you are facing a common issue

4. Scroll down and click on “Can’t find what you’re looking for? Submit A Ticket”

You'll also be able to troubleshoot other issues related to League here.

5. Choose A Request Type That Suits You

6. You will get a prompt saying “You must be logged in before you can submit this type of ticket” if you are not logged in.

7. Click on Sign-in

8. Once you are signed in, enter the Subject

10. Choose Your Enquiry

11. In the Description Box, enter all necessary information.

12. Attach any supporting images or documents in the attachments section.

13. Click on Submit

You will receive an email after submitting your ticket, you can now track the status of your ticket through the link given in the email.

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