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League of Legends Heartsteel Skins: Champions, Prices, Release Date & More

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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The new boy band from Riot Games, Heartsteel, has already made its debut.
It's first song Paranoia has been a huge hit in the community and the outfits worn by the members have made it into League of Legends as official skins.
Here's all you need to know about the new Heartsteel skins, their prices, tiers, release date and more.

Riot Games is known for coming up with creative skin themes and cosmetics. Some of the most popular skin lines in League of Legends happen to be those associated with the various in-game bands that League boasts. The likes of K/DA, Pentakill, and True Damage have made their mark in the game's universe and are fan favorite skins.

Heartsteel, the new boy band in League of Legends, released its first single titled PARANOIA on 23rd October. Fans finally were given a glimpse into the chaotic, entertaining and goofy world of Heartsteel.

Fans are excited as last week Riot Games officially unveiled the skins of each individual member of the band. The outfits worn by the members of Heartsteel in the Paranoia single have made it into League of Legends as official skins. Notably, the skins will also have chromas for them.

Here's all you need to know about the new Heartsteel skins, their prices, tiers, release date and more.

League of Legends Heartsteel Skins & Their Prices

As you know, the newest League of Legends boy band consists of the following members:

  • Ezreal: Vocalist

  • Kayn: Rapper, Instrumentalist

  • Aphelios: Instrumentalist, Songwriter

  • Yone: Producer

  • K’Sante: Co-leader, Vocalist

  • Sett: Co-leader, Rapper

On 24th October, the day after the release of Heartsteel's Paranoia, Riot Games unveiled the looks of the members inside the game.

The Heartsteel skin line in League of Legends introduces a total of seven skins. Yone is the one who's receiving a Prestige version while Kayn is getting a Legendary skin.

Let's dive into the lineup:

  • Heartsteel Kayn: Legendary skin

  • Heartsteel Aphelios: Epic skin

  • Heartsteel Ezreal: Epic skin

  • Heartsteel K’Sante: Epic skin

  • Heartsteel Sett: Epic skin

  • Heartsteel Yone: Epic skin

  • Prestige Heartsteel Yone: Mythic

As a result, all the Epic skins will cost a standard 1350 RP. However, Kayn's Legendary skin will be priced around 1820 RP. Meanwhile, players can get their hands on the Prestige Yone skin for 2000 Event Tokens.

If you are unaware of the difference in the skin tiers in League of Legends, you should note that 'Legendary' skins are a complete re-imagining of the champion from the ground up. The skin will have a new model, textures, animations, visuals, and even new voice over and sounds.

However, Epic skins have a new model, new texture, new animations, new visual effects, new sounds. They are not complete re-imagined versions of the champion.

These music-inspired, edgy versions of these fan favorite champions will be rolled out on 8th November with LoL Patch 13.22. They are currently being tested on the Public Beta Environment (PBE).

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