Who Is Alune? How Is She Related to Heartsteel?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here's all you need to know about Alune and her association with HEARTSTEEL.</p></div>
Here's all you need to know about Alune and her association with HEARTSTEEL.


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Riot Games recently revealed Heartsteel, an all-new virtual band starring reimagined versions of beloved League of Legends champions.
Alune is also a member of HEARTSTEEL but in a very different manner. Here's all you need to know about Alune and her association with Heartsteel.

Heartsteel, the new boy band in League of Legends, released its first single titled PARANOIA on 23rd October. Fans finally were given a glimpse into the fun, entertaining and goofy world of Heartsteel. The single is available to listen to now on YouTube and across streaming platforms including iTunes and Spotify.

The group’s personality and sound is inspired by multiple genres and modern music collectives and eras, culminating in this bold, one-of-a-kind identity.

While we know the core members of the group, most League of Legends fans have been talking about another member of Heartsteel: Alune.

Here's all you need to know about Alune and her association with Heartsteel.

How Is Alune Associated with Heartsteel?

Firstly, let us take a look at the core members of Heartsteel, League of Legends' newest boy band. The members of Heartsteel are as follows:

  • Ezreal: Vocalist

  • Kayn: Rapper, Instrumentalist

  • Aphelios: Instrumentalist, Songwriter

  • Yone: Producer

  • K’Sante: Co-leader, Vocalist

  • Sett: Co-leader, Rapper

Now, if you are regularly play League, you would know how Aphelios has a twin sister in the game and how she guides him. Aphelios and his twin sister Alune are inseparable.

When Heartsteel got teased first, fans were wondering where Alune is or how she will be associated with the band. Her role with Heartsteel became very evident with GQ Korea released its interview of Heartsteel.

In the interview titled 'Riot's virtual artist HEARTSTEEL will surpass K/DA,' Alune introduces herself.

Talking to the reporter, she says, "I'm Alune, Apelios' twin sister, and I'm answering for him to make sure he doesn't damage his vocal cords any further. I'm also the manager of HEARTSTEEL."

So Alune is the manager of Heartsteel and therefore, an important member of the band.

As the manager of the group, she explains how Aphelios had nodules on his vocal cords when he was younger and had to have them removed. She adds, "The surgery healed, but he never got his voice back when he sang. If he hadn't uploaded videos of himself playing on social media, he'd still be living in our basement. Sett found us through those videos, and that's how the group's project started, with Sett and Ezreal."

According to the official lore, Alune is the twin sister of Aphelios and is a seer of the moon and a member of the Lunari. She currently lives in the Spirit Realm.

The lore says, "Like the moon of stone and its spiritual reflection, Aphelios’s skill and Alune’s magic converged."

This is the main reason why most Aphelios skins feature Alune also in the splash art. They are inseparable.

The splash art for Heartsteel Aphelios also feature Alune right beside him. She can be spotted wearing an outfit with gold, black, and green hues. She also has pink hair in this skin and can be seen wearing headphones.

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