Akshan has been having a hard time in higher elos. 


League of Legends: Akshan Hotfix Goes Live After 'Very Low Win Rate' At Launch

Nutan Lele
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Akshan was released last week and has already gotten a hotfix.
Riot decides to release another micropatch to buff the champion after a low win rate.

Akshan was released on 22nd July, 2021 to much anticipation due to his unique abilities and game-changing ultimate. Riot Games has decided to buff Akshan for his low win rate the very next day but even that didn’t seem enough. Riot Games Lead Game Designer, Jeevun ‘Jag’ Sidhu took to Twitter to announce a micropatch for the champion. According to LoLanalytics, Akshan is currently at a 43.07% win rate in Platinum + elo on Patch 11.15.

Akshan’s attack speed per level and Q (Avengerang) was buffed in the micropatch.

Riot is increasing Akshan’s attack speed per level from 2.5 percent to four percent. His Avengerang’s (Q) damage to minions is also being increased at later levels, bumping up from 40 to 70 percent to 40 to 90 percent. This was Akshan’s second buff since his release last week. The Rogue Sentinel’s hotfix went live on 23rd July, his base attack damage increased to 52 from 50 and base health increased to 560 from 530. His Avengerang’s (Q) cooldown was reduced to 8 / 7.25 / 6.5 / 5.75 / 5 seconds from 8 / 7.5 / 7 / 6.5 / 6.

A new champion’s win rate usually starts off low as players are not used to the kit. Akshan’s win rate should improve over time, but Riot Jag said they will “reassess next patch.”

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