The Korean league of LCK kicked off its LCK Summer 2022 Playoffs on 17th August


LCK Summer 2022 Playoffs: Teams, Schedule, Scores & More

The road to Worlds 2022 is getting spicy!

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Korea's LCK kicked off its Summer 2022 Playoffs on 17th August and released the full schedule and bracket.
The winner of the LCK Summer split will directly qualify for Worlds 2022.
Here are the schedule, results, standings, and more details about the LCK Summer 2022 Playoffs.

After eight weeks of play, the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) concluded its regular season matches and announced its playoff bracket. Teams will be eyeing to win the LCK Summer 2022 Playoffs, as it is the most-important season before the League of Legends World Championship. The LCK 2022 Summer Split is the second split of the 2022 competitive season and the second year of Korea's professional league under the partnership program. Ten teams competed in a round-robin group stage and six teams made it to the LCK Summer 2022 Playoffs.

Reigning Spring champion T1 will look to claim its trophy in the Summer split also but has to be prepared to take down strong teams like Gen.G. The six teams will start to play best-of-five (BO5) matches to advance further in the playoffs bracket and fight in the grand final.

Here’s everything you need to know about the LCK Summer 2022 Playoffs.

A guide to LCK Summer 2022 Playoffs

The LCK Summer 2022 Playoffs is the final stage of the Summer Split and the top six teams in the Korean league compete for prize money and coveted Championship Points. The winner of the playoffs earns the Summer Champion title and also directly qualifies for Worlds 2022. The playoffs will run from 17th August and conclude on 28th August with the grand finals.

LCK 2022 Summer Split at the LCK Arena


  • The top six teams from the Summer Season participate

  • The top two teams receive a bye to Round 2 of the tournament

  • Single elimination bracket

  • All matches are best-of-five (BO5)

  • The winner qualifies for the 2022 Season World Championship


The following are the top six teams in the Korean league who made it to the LCK Summer Playoffs and have a shot at qualifying for Worlds 2022 directly:

  • DRX

  • Damwon Kia (DK)

  • Gen.G (GEN)

  • T1

  • KT Rolster (KT)

  • Liiv Sandbox (LSB)

Schedule for LCK Summer Playoffs

The placement of the teams in the Summer Split determines the round into which they are seeded. The playoffs feature a single-elimination bracket with best-of-five series. The top two teams of the regular season receive a bye to the second round of the semifinals of the tournament. Notably, in Round 1, the third seed goes up against the sixth seed, and the fourth seed goes head-to-head against the fifth. Following Round 1, the first seed has the choice to choose between the two Round 1 winners and the second seed will automatically play the one that was not picked. The winners of Playoffs Round 2 will fight in the grand final series of the LCK Summer 2022 Playoffs. All three rounds are played on LoL Patch 12.14.

The following was the seeding after the conclusion of the regular games of the Summer Split:

  • First seed: Gen.G (17W-1L)

  • Second seed: T1 (15W-3L)

  • Third seed: Liiv Sandbox (13W-5L)

  • Fourth seed: Damwon Kia (10W-8L)

  • Fifth seed: KT Rolster (10W-8L)

  • Sixth seed: DRX (9W-9L)

Round 1 of Playoffs - Quarterfinals

17th August - Round 1 Match 1

18th August - Round 1 Match 2

Round 2 of Playoffs - Semifinals

20th August - Round 2 Match 1

21st August - Round 2 Match 2

LCK Summer Playoffs: Grand final

Where to watch

Fans can watch the LCK Summer Playoffs live on the official LCK channel on Twitch starting from 17th August. You can also check out the match highlights and other related videos on the LCK Global YouTube channel.

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