Laz Explains Improvements Made by ZETA DIVISION After Loss Against DRX

A few changes that resulted in victory.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Laz Explains How ZETA DIVISON Improved After Losing To DRX</p></div>
Laz Explains How ZETA DIVISON Improved After Losing To DRX
During the week two post-match interview, Laz spoke about how ZETA DIVISION had improved after losing to DRX.
He pointed out that the team had worked hard on Ascent, a map they had lost to DRX but won against RRQ.
ZETA DIVISION currently holds sixth place on the overall leaderboard, scheduled to play against Global Esports on 9 April.

ZETA DIVISION is one of the two teams from Japan competing in the VCT 2023: Pacific League, currently standing sixth on the overall points table following a 1-1 scoreline at the end of week two.

The regular season has witnessed a slow start from the regional favorites whose fans are rooting hard for them so that they qualify and compete in front of the home crowd during the VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo.

During the week two post-match team interview, Koji "Laz" Ushida, who is the shotcaller for ZETA DIVISION shared some of the improvements that the team had gone through after losing to DRX which resulted in its victory against Team RRQ.

Laz shares how ZETA DIVISION improved itself after losing to DRX

ZETA DIVISION played the first match of the league against DRX, who is considered to be the best Valorant team from the Asia-Pacific region. Unfortunately, the Japanese representative was not able to put up a proper performance which resulted in a one-sided match.

Coming into the second week, ZETA DIVISION was propped to compete against RRQ and it was immediately under pressure after losing the opening map, its third loss in a row.

VCT 2023 Pacific League Week 2 Standings

However, the team hustled hard and managed to mount a successful comeback to win the series, after which Laz spoke about the adjustments they had made to improve as a team.

"So last week we got beaten by DRX pretty badly, but we went on to revise the game, looked back at it, and learned from it as a team," said Laz, further explaining, "When we do it as a team, it helps us a lot mentally. One thing we improved on, for example, was our second map [against RRQ], Ascent, which is the same we played last week against DRX. We fixed some of the issues we had faced against DRX, worked on our macros, and teamwork. That is how we improved this week compared to the last."

Laz also shared that the team even learns from the matches that they win, "We also found other problems and challenges to fix even today, so we will improve more as a team from here on out."

There are still seven more matches left to be played by all teams as part of the regular season, providing ZETA DIVISION with an opportunity to drastically change its fate and move up on the overall scoreboard in the coming weeks.

They will be facing Global Esports next on 9th April from 14:30 IST onwards, looking to extend its winning streak but it will not be an easy task with its opponents having given DRX a really hard time last week.

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