There are leaks suggesting that there is a Valorant movie in the making


Is Riot Games Releasing a Valorant Movie? All We Know From Leaks So Far

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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After watching League of Legends' Arcane, Valorant fans have also been wanting a series for their beloved game.
There are leaks suggesting that there is a Valorant movie in the making.

Riot Games has always been on point when it comes to music videos and the cinematography of its trailers and teasers. In 2021, Riot Games took the League of Legends community by storm by releasing Arcane, an action-adventure television series. t was produced by the French animation studio Fortiche under the supervision of Riot Games, and distributed by Netflix. Arcane's first season, with just nine episodes, was celebrated for its animation, plot, worldbuilding, action sequences, emotional weight, and musical score. 

The show appealed to both casual viewers who have never played League of Legends and also the long-time fans of the game. With Riot Games doing such a great job with the League of Legends show Arcane, players, and fans of Valorant have been asking for a similar series featuring Valorant and its lore for years together now. 

It finally looks like Riot Games has listened to its Valorant player base as there have been some leaks suggesting a Valorant movie in the making. Here’s all we know about this rumored Valorant movie by Riot Games.

Leaks suggest a Valorant movie Is being made

After the enormous success of Arcane, Valorant is reportedly getting a movie that is expected to drop sometime in 2025. Many data miners of social media reported this development and this initially stemmed from a Twitter handle named Kingdom Leaks. According to this account, Riot’s hero shooter will be receiving a movie in just a couple of years in 2025.

Kingdom Laboratories account also added that the teaser will premiere on 13th October 2024.

Reliable leaker Valorant Updates on Twitter also confirmed this. They wrote, "VALORANT IS GETTING A MOVIE! Valorant is getting a movie in 2025, with a trailer releasing in October of 2024 per @KLaboratories. The movie is being made by Tencent and Riot Games, we're all finally getting what we wanted."

Additionally, it is reported that it will be different than Arcane and that it is being made in China. The animation is speculated to be very similar to the art style of the UNITED TOGETHER cinematic that was released as part of Valorant's official China launch.

While the fan base and players expected a series for Valorant, the news of a movie being produced is quite the contrary. However, it is not very surprising since the lore of Valorant is still very new and developing as the game is also very young unlike the universe of Runeterra, which is the base for League of Legends lore.

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