Is Clove Enabled for Valorant Pro Play?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Valorant Agent Clove Enabled in Valorant Pro play/ VCT</p></div>

Valorant Agent Clove Enabled in Valorant Pro play/ VCT


Valorant's newest agent Clove was disabled in professional play for some time due to a prevalent bug.
However, the bug has been seemingly fixed and Clove is enabled in VCT from Week 3.

The latest Valorant Agent to arrive in the game is Clove and they were revealed to the community on the grand finals of Valorant Masters Madrid 2024. A few days later, they arrived in the game as the brand new Controller. A certified troublemaker, Clove is a mischief for enemies in both the heat of combat and the cold of death. Even from beyond the grave, this young immortal keeps foes guessing, catching them by surprise ever so often.

Players were ecstatic to try out Clove and their interesting ability kit. They arrived in on 26th March 2024, Tuesday as part of Episode 8 Act 2. However, it was a bit disappointing to see Clove get diabled in professional play at the start of April 2024. After a couple of weeks of debugging the Agent, they are back to being enabled in pro play.

Here's all you need to know about Clove being enabled in pro play.

Clove Is Enabled Again in VCT Across Regions

On 3rd April, Riot Games released a statement that said, "Due to a recently discovered bug with Clove, the Agent's eligibility for International League competition will be put on hold. Previously the agent was scheduled to enter competition for Week 2 of Stage 1."

It also added that the developers were working hard to get them back into play as soon as they can and that the team would follow-up with an update as soon as they can. Keeping up its word, Riot Games, on 16th April, came forward and gave an update to the community about Clove's status.

It noted that the bug has been successfully resolved and that Clove would be available for play in Valorant Champions Tour. It said, "Clove is back! VALORANT's newest agent will be eligible for International League competition starting with #VCT Week 3 matches!"

VCT Week 3: When Can We See Clove in Action?

According to Riot Games, fans can witness pro players unleash their Clove gameplay starting from Week 3 in VCT across regions. Here are the start dates for Week 3 in the four leagues:

  • VCT Americas: 20th April

  • VCT EMEA [Europe, Middle East, and Africa]: 17th April

  • VCT China: 19th April

  • VCT Pacific: 20th April

Meanwhile, if you are not sure of what Clove's kit is like, here is a gist of their four abilities:

  • Meddle (Q)

  • Ruse (E)

  • Pick Me Up (C)

  • Not Dead Yet (X) - Ultimate

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