Is Chamber Back in the Valorant Meta? Patch 6.11 Buffs Explained

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Chamber Valorant 6.11 Buffs


Chamber has gotten some significant buffs in Valorant Patch 6.11.
Here’s everything you need to know about the Chamber buffs in Valorant patch 6.11.

Riot Games released Valorant Patch 6.11 on 7th June and it has brought forth major changes to Valorant including updates to agents and weapons, along with landscape changes to Pearl’s B site. As a means to nerf running and gunning in the game, Riot Games has made changes to its Error Power/Center Biasing tool.

In the 6.11 patch notes, Riot Games said, “Our Agents and Weapons teams have been hard at work on some minor and major changes for a few of your favorite Agents and weapons including Chamber, Viper, the Shorty, and the Frenzy. We’ve also made a few updates to Pearl’s B Site.”

Chamber’s buffs are the talk of the town currently as players have been rushing to lock in the Sentinel agent once again after months. With the way Riot has rolled out these buffs, it is a surety that we will be seeing a lot of Chamber picks in the current meta, thus increasing the agent’s pick rate. 

Here’s all you need to know about the Chamber buffs in Valorant patch 6.11.

Chamber Buffs Explained

Notably, in Valorant Patch 5.12,  Riot Games nerfed Chamber with the intention to sharpen his identity as a precision-focused Sentinel who puts his body on the line to hold areas, while significantly reducing his sphere of influence and introducing more counterplay for opponents. Following this, Chamber fell out of the meta quite heavily, forcing players to pick other agents like Cypher or Killjoy over him. 

With the latest buffs in 6.11, players on Chamber can now equip weapons instantly after using the Rendezvous ability. Additionally, Chamber Trademark’s disable range has also been increased and his Trap Arm speed has been reduced substantially. The best of all changes to Chamber’s kit is that the firing rate of his ultimate – Tour De Force – has been increased. 

Having said all that, here are the actual numbers for the buffs:

Rendezvous (E)

  • Reduced weapon equip time after post-teleport lockout 0.7s >>> 0s

Trademark (C)

  • Disable range increased 4000 >>> 5000

  • Trap arm speed reduced 4s >>> 2s

Tour De Force (X)

  • Firing rate increased by 15%

Riot Games said, “Chamber has taken a backseat in overall pick-rate after the last round of changes in Patch 5.12. At the time, we reduced Chamber’s sphere of influence significantly. We’re looking to put more power into his ability to lurk and give him more flexibility within his setups.

With three of Chamber’s abilities getting some changes, players will surely start picking the agent a lot more. However, the Trademark ability is still restricted to just one charge.

If you are looking for a detailed rundown of Valorant patch 6.11, you can look up Riot Games’ official website on

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