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IndiGG Partners With Skyweaver To Promote TCG In India

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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IndiGG has announced its partnership with free-to-play game Skyweaver to promote the trading card game (TCG) genre in India.
IndiGG’s partnership with Skyweaver includes a $100K USD play-and-earn pool consisting of $INDI tokens.
A detailed announcement of the break up of the prize pool will be announced in the future by IndiGG.

IndiGG, the Indian sub-DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) of Yield Guild Games (YGG), has partnered with free-to-play game Skyweaver with a $100K USD play-and-earn pool for the trading card game (TCG) player base in India. The two entities will work closely to augment the growth of TCG genre in India through Skyweaver, a web3 free-to-play collectible trading card game.

Skyweaver will allow players to earn Non-fungible token (NFT) cards by playing the game. Players who are familiar with games like Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering, or even Duel Masters will find it easier when playing Skyweaver, according to the announcement by IndiGG.

IndiGG x Skyweaver partnership

IndiGG was created in association with the Polygon crypto platform to create a Play-to-Earn gaming hub within India. For its partnership with Skyweaver, IndiGG is launching a prize pool of $100K USD worth of $INDI tokens that can be won by the IndiGG community by playing the game. The community can also earn them by creating content about and around Skyweaver and by participating in future esports tournaments.

Additionally, IndiGG stated that a detailed announcement will be made in the future to break down how the prize pool will be distributed to the players of Skyweaver.

Skyweaver is easy to play

IndiGG wrote, “Skyweaver is the most polished game in the Web3 space with a very user-friendly wallet setup, completely free to play, and is fully web and mobile-friendly.” Players can own, trade, and gift their cards (NFTs) in Skywevaer, which combines strategy and a player-owned marketplace



Skyweaver takes place in Sky, an alternate reality and a new digital dimension that exists parallel to the earth. Through battles, the players activate, unlock and acquire resources provided by Sky.

Every resource that a player unlocks is a new discovery. New resources allow Skyweavers to discover new gameplay opportunities, and Skyweavers trade their resources with other Skyweavers to build and discover new possibilities."

Currently, IndiGG is making some of the best play-to-earn games accessible to the gamer communities of India. It actively promotes games like Axie Infinity, Fancy Birds, Pegaxy, and Nyan Heroes.

Players can register here to receive news, announcements and details around the Skyweaver x IndiGG partnership.

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