Axie Infinity: Origin Early Access is Now Live


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Axie Infinity: Origin Early Access is Now Live

John Dave Rossel
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Axie Origin update is now live and can be downloaded in the Mavis Hub.
For now, Axie Classic and Axie Origin will run separately. Axie Origin will not reward players with SLP and AXS.
Sky Mavis also plans to release a mobile port for both iOS and Android devices soon.

Sky Mavis, the developers behind the popular Non-fungible token (NFT) game Axie Infinity, announced the global Early Access release of Axie Infinity: Origin (also known as Battles v3). The game can be downloaded via Mavis Hub, the official platform for Axie Infinity. For now, SLP and AXS rewards will not be available in the Axie Origin Early Access update.

Sky Mavis also plans to release a mobile port for both iOS and Android devices soon. The Axie Infinity Classic (also known as Battles V2) will run separately and players can continue to gain SLP and AXS rewards through the game.

Axie Origin New Features

According to Sky Mavis, the goal of the Axie Origin Early Access is to create a battle system that is more fun, beautiful, and engaging and open the game to a broader audience. Players will be able to enjoy the features such as new in-game mechanics, interfaces, art, special effects, and storylines.

Axie Origin Update Combat Preview

Sky Mavis

Here are the features that players can expect in the Early Access version of the Axie Origin update;

  • Power-ups: Runes and Charms are new power-ups introduced in Origin. They are equipped by players’ Axies and will provide various buffs. Runes give new passive powers to Axies and charms are wearables that enhance an Axie’s inherent abilities.

  • Sequential Turns: In Origin, Axies will now execute their attacks immediately as cards are played. Opposing trainers will take sequential turns using their cards versus choosing them simultaneously at the beginning of a round. Trainers will now be in constant action by either playing their cards or carefully observing their opponent’s moves.

  • Card Changes: Although most cards will carry over to Origin, they will now play differently as most cards have either an attack or defense value, instead of both. Additionally, there will be new cards that relate to an Axie’s eyes and ears increasing the meta combinations significantly.

  • Free Starter Axies: Three non-NFT starter Axies will be provided to every player so that users can immediately start playing the game without any financial barrier to entry.

“We are constantly looking for ways to bring the fun of Axie Infinity to even more people. Through Origin, we are not only making the game easier to play by offering three free non-NFT starter Axies, but we are polishing the design, making gameplay more efficient, and introducing new mechanics to drive sustainability. During the early access release, our focus is on collecting player feedback and real gameplay data to be able to create the best experience possible before a full launch. We look forward to hearing players’ input and can’t wait to see our community grow while building a better, decentralized world together,” said Trung Nguyen, Sky Mavis’ CEO.

The Axie Infinity community has also developed useful tools such as Freak’s Axie Extension and Origin Card Viewer for players who are looking to theorycraft and explore the Origin Update.

For now, Axie Classic and Axie Origin will run separately. Players can continue to earn SLP and AXS rewards through the Classic version. Sky Mavis plans to allow token rewards for Origin in the future.

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