What Is Freak's Axie Extension for Axie Infinity?

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What is Freak's Axie Extension for Axie Infinity


Freak’s Axie Extension is a Google Chrome add-on developed to add convenient tools for Axie Infinity players who are browsing through the marketplace.
The extension reveals in-depth stats for Axies available in the marketplace.
This tool may also work on other browsers but to prevent problems, it is advisable to use the Google Chrome browser.

Freak’s Axie Extension is a Google Chrome add-on developed to add convenient tools for Axie Infinity players. This tool displays a ton of useful information for a selected Axie that players otherwise can’t easily access in the game. This add-on may work on other browsers aside from Google Chrome. However, to avoid problems, players are advised to only use Google Chrome and not tamper with the extension in an attempt to install it on other browsers. There are also other useful tools that players can use for free which have been published by the same developer behind Freak’s Axie Extension for Google Chrome.

How to install Freak’s Axie Extension

  • Players will need to install the Google Chrome browser by following the link provided.

  • After installing Google Chrome, head to the official add-on link for Freak’s Axie Extension.

  • Click on the “Add to Chrome” button

How to install Freak's Axie Extension.
  • A pop-up will appear, press the Add Extension button to proceed.

  • Head to the official marketplace for Axie Infinity.

  • A new description will appear below the Axie ID that shows the Axie’s breed, HP, speed, purity, and pending experience.

  • Each time you check an Axie, hover over the Eggplant emoji below its Axie ID to see more details regarding the selected Axie.

The add-on shows in-depth stats for Axies.

Players can also install this extension on different browsers such as Opera, or Firefox. However, to ensure the extension works as intended without any problems, the Google Chrome browser is the most recommended browser to use.

The developer behind Freak's Axie Extension for Axie Infinity has also made several tools that may help players manage their Axies in the game. Interested players can head to the official page of the developer to see more tools like Breeding Calculator, Gene Browser, Breeding Assistant, and many more.

With the Axie Infinity: Origin update coming soon, players can make use of these tools along with the Axie Origin Card tool, which allows players to theorycraft potential strategies on which Origin cards would work with different kinds of Axies and team compositions.

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