How to View Axie Origin Cards For Theory Crafting

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>How to View Axie Origin Cards</p></div>
How to View Axie Origin Cards


A tool has been developed to check and compare the available Origin cards that fit a certain Axie.
The tool can be used by everyone and will be updated when new cards get released or adjusted.
The developer of the tool stated this tool should not be used to make financial decisions.

With the Axie Infinity: Origin update is on the horizon, players have started to wonder how their Axies would work with Origin cards. While the exact release date for the update is yet to be revealed, players have started to craft theories and come up with potential combos that may be viable in the upcoming update. To add convenience to players, a Twitter user by the name of Quang Đãng developed a tool that allows players to view their Axies with Origin cards. Players can also customize their Axie builds here as a reference so they can immediately jump to building their Axies when the Origin update finally arrives.

How to View Axies with Origin Cards

  • Players can access the tool by heading to the link provided.

  • To use the tool, simply login with your Google account and click “File” and head to “Make a copy”

  • You can choose to save it anywhere in your Google drive and press “OK”.

How to access the tool.
  • A new tab will appear where you now have full access to the tool.

  • If an error occurs, simply refresh the page and the problem should be solved.

  • Simply input the Axie ID to check on the Origin cards you can use for that Axie.

Input an Axie ID to check the Origin Cards available.
  • You can check all the Axie IDs by heading to the official marketplace of Axie Infinity.

The Origin Cards in the tool are limited to what cards were revealed by Sky Mavis, the developers behind Axie Infinity. As more cards get revealed, the tool will be updated.

The developer of the tool stated this tool should not be used to make financial decisions. This tool shall only be used to compare and theorycraft potential strategies on which Origin cards would work with different kinds of Axies and team compositions.

With the vast amount of Origin cards revealed by the developers, players will have a lot of work on developing a strategy that fits their playstyle. This tool will make it much more convenient for players to start planning before the update release schedule officially gets announced.

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