Axie Infinity: Origin Cards Revealed so Far

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Axie Infinity: Origin Cards Revealed so Far

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Sky Mavis has revealed the upcoming Origin cards that will be released in the next patch update for Axie Infinity.
The cards revealed so far are for the Tail, Back, Mouth, Horn, and Ear cards.
Some of these cards are upgrades or adjustments from it's previous version of cards to fit the upcoming Origin update mechanics.

With the upcoming Axie Infinity: Origin update on the horizon, Sky Mavis, the developers behind the popular NFT game, have provided players with a sneak peek at the next lineup of cards arriving in the game. The cards revealed so far are for the Tail, Back, Mouth, Horn, and Ear cards. These cards can be used to build a set of combos and playstyle depending on the player’s preference and Axies used. While the release date for the Axie Infinity: Origin update is yet to be determined, here is a list of all the Origin cards revealed so far by the developers.

Origin Tail Cards

Origin Card List

One of the most notable cards on the list is the Tiny Dino. This card gains 15 bonus damage per turn it is retained. This effect can be stacked four times for a massive 60 damage boost. However, lasting four turns may be a challenge for players who want to maximize this card’s effect.

Origin Back CardsOrigin Card List

Origin Card List

Green Thorns may be a card to look out for in the upcoming Origin update. This card will apply 2 stacks of poison to random targets up to six times and also heal an Axie for 20 HP. Not only good for quick healing, but this card may also work well with other cards that gain more power based on how many poison stacks an enemy has.

Origin Mouth Cards

Origin Card List

The Peace Maker card is something that can turn the tide of the battle, especially against opponents with massive damage potential. This card will apply Weak for two turns but if a target already has the Weak debuff, it additionally deals 15 more damage. Not only will this card reduce the damage potential of a target, but it can also take a decent chunk off of their HP.

Origin Horn Cards

Origin Card List

Considering how the Origin update changes how Critical strikes work, Little Branch is something worth considering when focusing on critical damage playstyle. This card gains a rage point per ally who is still standing in battle, including summoned entities. A faster rage regeneration will ensure you get to deliver a fatal blow first before your enemy does.

Origin Ear Cards

Origin Card List

While the Tiny Fan card seems like a very simple card, it can be one of the most helpful cards in the Ear card list. Not only will you be able to draw one more card, but it also gains a three damage boost buff. Playing this card will grant you two benefits and it doesn’t cost any energy.

While waiting for the highly-anticipated Axie Infinity: Origin update, players can start strategizing and building the right cards on their Axies based on the list of cards revealed by the developers.

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