How Old Is Zeri in League of Legends?

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Zeri was the first champion that Riot Games released in Season 12 in 2022.
She is an ADC champion who uses electric magic and hails from the city of Zaun.
Zeri is a spirited, headstrong young woman, according to Riot Games.

League of Legends' first new champion for 2022, an attack damage carry (ADC) with a twist, was Zeri. She was released in the game on 20th January alongside LoL Patch 12.2. Before her official reveal, Zeri unexpectedly showed up on the champions page on the official website but Riot swiftly deleted the electric-themed champion’s biography, lore, and splash art.

Zeri was introduced to the players of the community as a “headstrong, spirited young woman” who hails from the polluted undercity of Zaun. It became evident from her biography and her ability kit that Zeri was deeply connected with magic and electricity.

According to Riot, she was raised in a very big working-class family and underwent hardship early on in life as the family lost loved ones to Zaun’s dangers. Her alias is the “Spark of Zaun” and Zeri is a compassionate Zaunite with a goal of standing up for her community. She channels her electric magic to charge herself and fight her enemies. Zeri single-handedly fought the chem-barons of the undercity and later received a rifle, crafted by her mother with the help of their neighbors, to aid her in her pursuit.

Zeri’s appearance in League of Legends

Zeri has tanned skin, olive-green eyes, and sports neon green pigtails as her hairstyle. She dons typical Zaun clothes mirroring a punk style with a huge dark blue jacket, and an orange shirt with a lightning bolt printed on it. She also wears metallic brown pants with gloves and light orangish brown boots. When she uses her ultimate in the game, she roller skates around her enemies. All in all, she is fun, yet mighty with electric powers.


Zeri’s year of origin and age

According to Fandom, Zeri could have been born anywhere between 970 - 975 AN [After the founding of Noxus]. It also states that Zeri is approximately 22-27 years old. Her biography extensively mentions her mother and her grandmother and Riot Games calls her a “young woman.” With these details, one can be sure that the approximation of her age could be correct.

Inspired by the Bayanihan Spirit

The Bayanihan spirit, very close to the Filipino culture, is one of communal unity, helping others without expecting rewards, to achieve a certain goal. Zeri is the embodiment of this spirit. Concept art lead Gem “Lonewingy” Lim said, “There’s this word in Tagalog called ‘kababayan’ and it’s used to describe a fellow Filipino—someone from your village, your neighbor, or just anyone. We’re a very family- and village-oriented culture, and we believe in helping everyone out. I wanted Zeri to have that core part of Filipino culture ingrained in her because I view Zaun as a place that would have that neighborhood culture.”

Zeri thrives on the unconditional love and support she receives from her neighborhood and community and always wants to fight for the city of Zaun and return the favor. She is young and her powers are difficult to harness and control but with her whole city rallying behind her, Zeri is ready to take on the chem barons and other villains of the world.

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