Henry Cavill revealed that he is a big fan of Arcane.


Henry Cavill Simply Couldn’t Stop Watching Arcane

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Henry Cavill is also a big fan of Arcane.
In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, Cavill revealed that he binge-watched the series with his wife.

Henry Cavill is the latest celebrity who revealed that he’s a big fan of Riot Games and Fortiche Production’s TV series Arcane. In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, Henry Cavill had nothing but good things to say about the League of Legends-based series. It is safe to say that Arcane was the biggest hit of 2021, taking the animation and story-telling worlds by storm. Though the series was short with just nine episodes, it managed to capture so many beautiful emotions through its thoroughly planned script, screenplay, animation and effects, music, and art. Season 2 of Arcane is in the works as confirmed by Riot Games and Fortiche, and fans will likely see more content from other regions in Runeterra. 

Notably, Arcane won four Emmy awards this year, including Outstanding Animated Program, and it looks like the Superman actor is a huge fan of the show.

Heimerdinger - Arcane TV Series on Netflix

Henry Cavill binge-watched Arcane

In an interview with BBC journalist Ali Plumb, Cavill revealed that Plumb encouraged him to watch Arcane and shared his review of the series. Henry Cavill stated that he was immediately hooked on it and that even his wife is a big fan. 

Henry Cavill told Plumb, “I'm so glad you told me, because when you said it, I went home immediately, and I was like "Right, Natalie, I was told by this guy at work that I should watch Arcane." He revealed that his wife also concurred and stated that she had heard pretty good things about it. 

Cavill added, “I couldn't stop watching it, and it got really late, and Natalie was like, ‘Right, we should probably go to bed,’ and I was like, ‘No, no, no, no, nope, gotta keep on watching’” 

Funnily without fighting back Cavill’s wife also gave in. He said, “She went, ‘Yeah, okay, I'm with you, we should definitely keep on watching.’ It's amazing, and I'm very thankful that you introduced me to that, because I may have missed it otherwise.

(The part where they discuss Arcane is at the start of the video till 1.07 minutes)

It is not really surprising that Henry Cavill loved Arcane as the star is very well known for his love of video games.

Currently, Riot Games is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Arcane with a special event. The official Arcane handle on Twitter revealed that various events will be held over ten days to celebrate Arcane’s first anniversary. Creators of Arcane, Christian Linke and Alex Yee, answered interesting questions in their Reddit ask-me-anything (AMA) recently and dropped crumbs about Arcane’s Season 2. Words “war” and “rubicon” were used by the co-creators to describe the second season and Linke did not dismiss hopes of any steamy scenes.

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