Global Esports CEO Predicts Which Region Might Win VCT 2023 Pacific Ascension

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Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Global Esports CEO Predicts Which Region Might Win VCT 2023 Pacific Ascension</p></div>
Global Esports CEO Predicts Which Region Might Win VCT 2023 Pacific Ascension


The VCT 2023 Pacific Ascension is all set to take place in Bangkok, Thailand from 28th June to 9th July.
During a recent livestream, Rushindra Sinha predicted the Valorant teams from which region might win the Pacific Ascension.
So far not even a single Valorant team from any of the regions has managed to qualify for the Pacific Ascension.

All the Valorant Challengers League (VCL) tournaments that are taking place in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region are about to conclude with all winning teams qualifying for the VCT 2023 Pacific Ascension, scheduled to take place from 28th June to 9th July in Bangkok, Thailand.

During a recent livestream session, Rushindra Sinha, CEO of Global Esports, told his predictions about which region is most likely to win the Pacific Ascension and qualify for both the VCT 2024 / 2025 Pacific League.

Rushindra Sinha predicts which region is most likely to win the VCT 2023 Pacific Ascension

The best Valorant teams from ten different regions across APAC will be taking on each other for a single available spot in the international league.

  1. South Asia

  2. Thailand

  3. Vietnam

  4. Malaysia & Singapore

  5. Korea

  6. Japan

  7. Hong Kong & Taiwan

  8. Philippines

  9. Indonesia

  10. Oceania

Giving his predictions on which team might walk away as the eventual champion of this tournament, Rushindra said, "I think Japan or Korea, no doubt about it. We (Global Esports) have scrimmed against them, we have played against them, and it is either Japan or Korea. 90% Korea and 10% Japan, that is my prediction for this season."

This is a bold and confident prediction as it has been made without a single team having qualified for the tournament from any of the regions mentioned above.

Rushindra went on to state that when it comes to Valorant both Japan and South Korea would surpass North America within a year or two. Meanwhile, between the two regions itself, Japan offers a larger audience but South Korea offers better competition right now.

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