Rushindra Sinha Reveals Global Esports Studio’s Staggering Reach and Viewership Stats


Rushindra Sinha Reveals Global Esports Studio’s Staggering Reach and Viewership Stats

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According to Global Esports’ CEO Rushindra Sinha, the organization’s content production work has had a massive reach and viewership, with 250 million impressions and 30 million views on YouTube alone in 2022.
Furthermore, the organization’s Valorant and BGMI tournaments generated a staggering 1 billion impressions in India, with a total of 375 million views.
In addition to tournament production, Global Esports has produced 14 high-production content projects and 575 broadcasts, with over 500 million impressions and 464 million impressions, respectively.

Rushindra Sinha, the founder and CEO of Global Esports, recently revealed the organization’s successful behind-the-scenes efforts that have significantly contributed to its massive reach and viewership in the esports industry. Sinha's stated that his intention behind the post was to motivate the company's team to continue striving for better results, rather than merely boasting about their accomplishments. Through the post, he disclosed the key factors that have driven the success of Global Esports, including the production of high-quality content, hosting top-tier tournaments, and broadcasting events to a worldwide audience.

Global Esports’ content production reach and viewership stats

In a recent LinkedIn post, Sinha disclosed some of the organization’s well-kept secrets that it works on behind the scenes as opposed to its esports team’s efforts - the organization’s content production work. He revealed the massive reach and viewership of its production. According to Sinha, the post was not intended to be a “flex” but rather a reminder to the organization’s team to keep grinding and striving for better results.

The stats revealed by Sinha show the enormous impact that Global Esports has had in the esports industry. In 2022, the organization’s videos on YouTube reached an impressive 250 million impressions and garnered a total of 30 million views, with a watch time of 1.8 million hours and 108 million minutes. In addition, the organization has accumulated over 600,000 subscribers.

The tournaments produced by Global Esports have also been an enormous success, with Valorant and BGMI tournaments alone generating 200 million and 800 million impressions, respectively. The combined impressions for these tournaments in India alone reached a staggering 1 billion, with a total of 375 million views.

However, it’s not just tournament production that has contributed to Global Esports’ success. The organization has also produced a significant amount of high-quality content, including 14 high-production content projects, which have amassed over 500 million impressions and 61 million viewership. In terms of broadcasting, the organization has produced a total of 575 broadcasts, spanning 1475 hours and generating 464 million impressions and 59 million views.

Global Esports has also hosted multiple events, with total prize money of $2 million, streamed 2529 matches, and seen 2648 teams and 14017 players registered. The organization has produced 736 videos, which is a testament to its commitment to producing high-quality content.

Global Esports’ content production reach and viewership stats

Earlier this month, Sinha revealed that the primary income source of Global Esports was not its esports winnings but its content production work. He also revealed that the organization gets production contracts from big-league companies, such as Garena, Krafton, Skyesports, and NODWIN Gaming, and the money that it earns through this vertical is invested in its esports division.

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