Global Esports CEO Sheds Light On the Organization’s Income Sources


Global Esports CEO Sheds Light On the Organization’s Income Sources

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In a recent livestream, Global Esports CEO Rushindra Sinha stated that the organization’s primary source of income is its content production work, not esports.
Sinha revealed that the organization gets content production contracts from various esports companies, including Garena, Krafton, Skyesports, and NODWIN Gaming.
He added that the revenue generated from its content production is invested in its esports division.

Founder and CEO of Global Esports Rushindra Sinha recently revealed that the primary income source of his organization is not its esports winnings but its content production work. He claimed that the organization’s total esports earnings are closer to $800k USD as opposed to the $80k shown on Liquipedia. According to Sinha, the organization gets contracts for production from Garena, Krafton, Skyesports, and NODWIN Gaming, and the money that it earns through this vertical is invested in its esports division.

Sinha states Global Esports earns money from its content production and invests it in esports

In a recent livestream, Sinha discussed the business models of various esports organizations from across the world. While discussing the Global Esports’ business model, he revealed that the primary source of its income is its content production. “You think our team’s winning in tournaments is what makes Global Esports survive? If you take the combined prize money of every tournament Global Esports has won since the day it started till today, combined, it’s probably going to be two months of our expense. Two months max,” he added.

According to Global Esports’ Valorant Liquipedia page the organization had only earned $80 Thousand USD at the time of the stream. When a viewer pointed this out to Sinha, he responded by stating that the organization has made around $800 Thousand. According to him, the $80 Thousand shown on the Liquipedia page that the user had shared only represents its Valorant winnings and does not consider its success in other titles such as Overwatch, Fortnite, CSGO, and Dota 2. “We have had over 25 rosters in the last five or six years. So all of that prize money combined… We won third place at the Fortnite Australia Open in Melbourne, which was a million dollar Fortnite championship,” he added.

Sinha added, “We have done a lot. It’s just that a lot of people that are coming through mobile gaming don’t know because a lot of it happened before lockdown.”

According to Sinha, the Valorant team was not financially self-sufficient but was instead supported by the organization’s production work. He mentioned that Global Esports’ co-founder, Mohit Israney, directed commercials for New State Mobile. He added, “FFPL (Free Fire Pro League), which is the largest Free Fire tournament in the world, which recorded half a million live concurrent viewers and 35 million total room, was produced from this very room."

Sinha stated that Global Esports has become a significant contributor to the industry, having been offered contracts by companies such as Garena, Krafton, Skyesports, and NODWIN Gaming. He added that Global Esports operates behind the scenes and therefore, its name may not be visible. He added that the company works all day and night to earn money, which is then invested in the players, bootcamp, and other necessary resources to keep its esports teams chugging. Following this, he played the Skyesports Championship 3.0 Awards Teaser video on YouTube on his livestream and said, “A lot of you all won’t even know this; I edited this video from exactly where I’m sitting right now. Global Esports did the entire backend content for Skyesports Championship 3.0 Awards. I edited it because Skyesports needed it on an urgent basis, and our editor wasn’t available.”

According to Sinha, the organization is more than just an esports organization that participates in tournaments. He said, “We have a league team, we have a studio, we have so many other business verticals that we have set up - we have six different business verticals, but all you will see is our Valorant team and BGMI team.For the entire world, Global Esports is an esports organization that plays in tournaments, and that’s it. But that’s not it. Global Esports is a lot more than that,”he concluded.

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