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Gamers8 PUBG Global Series 2023 Phase 2: Group Stage Recap - Day 3

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The Group Stage of the Gamers8 PUBG Global Series 2023 has come to an end with sixteen teams locked into the Winners Bracket.
The other eight teams still have a fighting chance and will have to make it out of the Losers’ Bracket to head to the Grand Finals.

The Group Stage of the Gamers8 PUBG Global Series 2023 Phase 2 has concluded with Cerberus Esports, TYLOO and The Expendables taking the top three spots. All three teams dominated the series and secured over 100 points each, putting them far ahead of the competition. The top 16 teams from the Group Stage will now compete in the Winners Bracket that kicks off later today (13th August).

Gamers8 PUBG Global Series 2023 Phase 2 Day 3 Recap

Day 3 of the Group Stage saw Group A go up against Group C and we saw a stellar performance from Soniqs who picked up a staggering 42 kills and 65 points, putting the team comfortably at the top of the Day 3 leaderboards. After a slow start on Day 2, SONIQS managed to climb all the way to the fifth spot on the overall standings, giving the team a spot in the Winners’ Bracket.

CERBERUS Esports was the only other team that broke the 50-point mark with a solid 55 points in the bag. The team ended the Group Stage with a total of 119 points in the overall rankings, securing the number one spot. The biggest shocker in Day 3 was Sarvem Esports’ win in Round 4. The team had only 20 points in the set of Day 3 matches but it managed to pull off a surprising victory against Question Mark in the closing moments of the fourth match.

Gamers8 PUBG Global Series 2023 Phase 2 Bracket Stage Preview 

Here are the top 16 teams that made it to the Winners’ Bracket. The teams will compete 

  1. CERBERUS Esports

  2. TYLOO

  3. The Expendables

  4. Natus Vincere

  5. Soniqs

  6. Question Mark

  7. FaZe Clan

  8. 17 Gaming

  9. Danawa e-sports

  10. Petrichor Road

  11. Daytrade Gaming

  12. Dplus

  13. Gen.G Esports

  14. Team Falcons

  15. Theerathon Five

  16. Luminosity Gaming

Losers’ Bracket Teams

  1. GAME PT

  2. Twisted Minds

  3. Four Angry Men

  4. eArena

  5. Sarvem Esports

  6. Friendly Fire

  7. DD Team

  8. Forest Gaming

The bottom eight teams from the Winners’ Bracket games will join these eight teams in a high-stakes bracket to make it to the Grand Finals. Fans can tune into the Winners’ bracket on 13th and 14th August while the Losers’ Bracket will take place on 15th and 16th August. You can view the schedule, scores and other details at our Gamers8 PUBG Global Series 2023 event hub.

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