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Forze and FPX Break Valorant Champion Tour’s Longest Game Record with a 46-Round Match

Abhimannu Das
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Forze and FunPlus Phoenix competed in a 46-round game at the VCT EMEA Stage 3 Playoffs.
The previous record for the longest VCT game was set by TSM FTX and Gen.G at a Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3 Challengers 2 event.
Forze won the matchup against FPX and will be going up against Team Liquid in a bid to qualify for the Stage 3 EMEA finals.

Last month, a match between TSM FTX and Gen.G at a Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3 Challengers 2 event saw a match on Split go 23-21, making it the longest game in the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT). The record was broken in just over two weeks by Forze and FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) at the EMEA Stage 3 Playoffs, with Forze taking home a 24-22 victory. The 46-round game kept fans on their toes with Forze and FPX being deadlocked against each other all the way till 20-20. Forze eventually came through and knocked FunPlus Phoenix out of the tournament.

Forze vs FPX VCT Stage 3 EMEA Playoffs recap

FunPlus Phoenix took an early lead by winning its first match on Icebox. Forze succumbed 4-13 and failed to make a comeback throughout the match. However, things changed dramatically with the second game going all the way to 24-22 in Forze’s favor.

The first time Valorant esports experienced such a long game was during the match between India’s Velocity Gaming and God Squad at the TEC Challengers #1 event where Velocity won 21-19 on Haven at the upper bracket finals. At the Valorant Champions Tour North America (NA) Challengers 2 event, TSM FTX and Gen.G went neck to neck against each other taking a match to 23-21 last month. And in just 15 days, Forze and FPX managed to break the record with their 24-22 game.

The final match of the night ended up being a comfortable 13-8 in Forze’s favor. The team will be going up against Team Liquid in Round 2 of the lower bracket next week. In the upper bracket of the ongoing EMEA event, G2 Esports, SuperMassive Blaze, Acend, and Gambit Esports are still in contention to reach the finals.

The teams are competing for €85,500 EUR ($100,000 USD), VCT Circuit Points, and a chance to be at the VCT Masters Stage 3 Berlin event. Sentinels was the first team to qualify for the Masters event and the rest of the Challengers 3 playoffs will conclude by next week. With Stage 3 coming to a close, teams have one last chance to be a part of the Valorant Champions event and will be looking to make the most out of it.

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