ForZe CS:GO Coach Discovers Potential New Spectator Bug

ForZe CS:GO Coach Discovers Potential New Spectator Bug

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • ForZe's CS:GO coach lmbt discovers potential new 'Coach Spectator Bug'.
  • This new instance of spectator bug allows a coach to see through certain objects.
  • ESIC has been notified about the issue.

ForZe has faced a lot of flak from the CS:GO community recently for hiring ESIC banned coach Aleksandr "zoneR" Bogatyrev as a member of their school’s “coaching staff” and for using recording software during scrim matches. But all that might be forgiven as forZe’s CS:GO coach Sergey “lmbt” Bezhanov has brought to light a potentially new ‘Coach Spectator Bug’ which allows coaches that are spectating the match in real-time to see through certain textures and objects.

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Potentially New Coach Spectator Bug Found

Lmbt who became the first CS:GO coach to be officially unbanned by ESIC after being initially handed a 7.5-month ban for exploiting the spectator bug in four separate instances has come forward with evidence that might be pointing towards a new ‘Coach Spectator Bug’

ForZe CS:GO Coach Discovers Potential New Spectator Bug

Though not a lot of insight was provided by the Ukrainian in his post showcasing the newly discovered spectator bug the images shared indicated that the bug allowed a coach spectating a game in real-time to see through certain textures and objects.

With the limited information at hand, it is currently unclear what triggered the bug or how can someone trigger it consciously. Also, the extent of the bug is not properly known because as per the images shared only some objects are see-through while the rest remain opaque.

It is a well-known fact that the ‘Coach Spectator Bug’ has not been completely fixed as pointed out by freelance tournament referee Michal Slowinski who is also a lead investigator in the ongoing ESIC investigation on the matter. He had previously stated that “Unfortunately I think there might be more. I think there might be two more different instances that we are looking into right now.”

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Valve had reportedly fixed one instance of the coach spectator bug on 3rd September, but Michal believes that at least two more variants of the bug might still exist. The bug discovered by lmbt seems to be a third completely new variant of the ‘Coach Spectator Bug’ based on its working mechanics.

ForZe CS:GO Coach Discovers Potential New Spectator Bug

Lmbt did notify ESIC about the issue with forZe themselves commenting on the post as well. Hope Valve can take quick action on the matter and resolve this issue before it harms the competitive scene in any way.

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