Faker Takes Break From LCK Owing to Arm Injury

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>T1’s star player Faker set a new record at Worlds 2022.&nbsp;</p></div>
T1’s star player Faker set a new record at Worlds 2022.&nbsp;
T1 announced that its mid-laner Faker would be taking a temporary break from competition due to an arm injury.
The organization stated that there are no major concerns but the pro player is taking a break to focus on his treatment and recovery.

The League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) is currently in the fifth week of play in the 2023 Summer Split. Ahead of a match against DRX on 5th July, storied organization T1 announced that its mid-laner Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok would be taking a break from competition as he is recovering from an arm injury. Following this revelation, it became apparent that Faker’s injury was negatively impacting his gameplay. Consequently, the star-midlaner’s streams were also cancelled as a result. In his place, T1 fielded T1’s academy mid-laner Yoon "Poby" Sung-won as a substitute.

Additionally, T1 also gave its fans and well-wishers more insight into Faker’s conditions and what the game plan is moving forward.

T1 Releases Statement Regarding Faker’s Health

T1 announced that Faker will be taking a temporary break from competitive League of Legends due to his arm injury starting with the 5th July series against DRX. The organization released this statement an hour before the match was scheduled to start. It said, Faker showed symptoms of pain in his right arm and hand and underwent a thorough checkup at a hospital. Though no major abnormalities were shown in the X-ray and MRI results, Faker decided to take a break to focus on his treatment and recovery, after discussions with coaches, players, and the rest of the team.

Allaying concerns, T1 said, “Though we were aware of the many concerns for Faker, we hope that you understand that the announcement was done at this time as it had to align with the reveal of the roster entry for today's match as well as it being part of the team's strategy.

The organization also promised to make sure that Faker receives all the support and best physical therapy during his recovery and rehabilitation programs to make a strong comeback in the regular season of the LCK 2023 Summer Split. 

We are asking all T1 fans to show continued support and energy so that Faker' makes his return in top condition,” concluded T1.

Following the announcement, fans have showered love and support, wishing Faker a speedy recovery.

Earlier this week, T1 announced that Faker will not be streaming in July because of his wrist pain. During a press conference, Faker disclosed that he had been enduring pain since as early as 17th June, during the match against OK Savings Bank Brion. According to reporter Yoon Min-Seop, the mid-laner said, “Because my arm wasn’t in good shape, my performance was not good since the match against OK Savings Bank Brion. It had a big impact. The treatment process is ongoing, so it is difficult to say exactly.

T1 is currently third in the standings and the upcoming weeks will prove very crucial for the team ahead of Worlds 2023 qualification. On 8th July, T1 will be taking on the likes of Gen.G, a team that has shown good form and is yet to lose a series this split so far.

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