Evil Geniuses CEO Denies Allegations of Mistreatment of Players

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Evil Geniuses' CEO addressed the allegations of mistreating LCS players and staff.
EG's Nicole LaPointe Jameson called these allegations untrue and unfounded.

Early on 2nd December, Evil Geniuses’ (EG) CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson addressed some of the allegations that surfaced recently about the treatment of specific players on Evil Geniuses’ League of Legends roster. Nicole posted a video on her Twitter and talked about the way EG functioned after a screenshot alleging mistreatment of staff and players was circulated online. League of Legends European Championship (LEC) caster Marc Robert “Caedrel” Lamont read out messages allegedly sent by EG’s attack damage carry (ADC) Kyle "Danny" Sakamaki during his livestream. The screengrab that Caedrel read out had multiple messages that alleged the mistreatment of Danny by Evil Geniuses.

What happened on Caedrel’s stream?

Caedrel opened a screengrab of what looks like an Instagram chat box during his stream. The message read, “Yeah EG isn’t all ‘love and family’ as they make it seem. Our mom is actually talking to someone from the players association but I don’t think anything will happen since Danny doesn’t want to make a big deal about anything.

The message also alleged that this was a big sign for Jeong "Impact" Eon-young to not re-sign with the organization since “things are just so bad there.

Further, the messages claimed that Evil Geniuses fired a bottom lane coach because they reportedly stood up for Danny and went to the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Players Association (LCSPA) to file a complaint on behalf of Danny. It also added that the damage has already been done by EG and that Danny will try streaming on Twitch to see if he would like to do that instead. 

Caedrel then said, “Apparently it was Danny’s sister who wrote that.

Evil Geniuses CEO addresses the situation

EG CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson posted a video on Twitter and wrote, “An emotional morning at EG - a quick note on the LCS operational allegations.” She said it was shocking and disappointing to learn about the allegations about how Evil Geniuses treated its LCS players and staff and said it was a big blow to the organization. 

We care a lot at EG around taking care of our athletes. It’s a shi*** situation to be in because between HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act] and legal employment constraints, I can’t say much. I can’t give the transparency and the factual statements that people are hoping for,” she stated.

Jameson continued, “What I can say pretty firmly is the allegations that are being made are untrue. It’s completely unfounded.” She added that it was a rough blow to her since she personally spent more time with the players and their families than she does with her own. 

Following this, Jameson said it was a shock to get feedback in this medium and that Evil Geniuses hired based on its athletic needs for upcoming seasons and support. She made it clear that the organization loves to support and will continue to do so and invest in players. 

The Evil Geniuses CEO noted that she brought in a third-party council in November to investigate the team’s LCS operation and to see if there were any issues that needed to be addressed formally and also help the team understand the best practices to follow.

These new allegations surfaced after Danny decided to step away from pro play to prioritize his mental health. Notably, these allegations also contradict the statement that Evil Geniuses posted when Danny stepped down.

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