Doublelift clarifies his thoughts on Upset Wife Memes


Doublelift Says “Upset Wife Memes” Are Not Funny Anymore

Doublelift apologizes for misunderstanding what Paula meant in her tweet initially

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Doublelift clarified his thoughts on the Upset and Paula situation on stream.
He stated that he was not the one making the jokes and that as an outsider he found them merely funny.
However, he apologized for misunderstanding what Paula meant by “abuse” in her tweet and clarified that he would never laugh at someone else’s abuse.

Fnatic Attack Damage Carry (ADC) Elias “Upset” Lipp and his wife and streamer Paula Lipp were forced to reveal that Paula was “abused” and that was the reason why Upset had to step down from Worlds 2021 and head back home. Paula took to Twitter to clarify things after the topic was brought up in a discussion on Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng’s Trash Talk podcast on 20th April.

After Paula’s tweets, at first, Doublelift said that he still found the memes absolutely hilarious and that those who do not probably don’t have a sense of humor. He added, “I’m sure she has the right to be butthurt about it.” Later, he said that it was “funny not knowing anything about the situation, and coming in as an outsider” but the jokes were “not funny anymore” given the situation and since it is very sensitive.

Since then, the League of Legends community has been divided over how it felt about Doublelift’s take on the situation. Some of them criticized him for making jokes without knowing the context behind them whereas some of them supported him, saying he was not to be blamed.

Following this, Doublelift went over the Reddit post that detailed the situation surrounding “Upset wife memes.”

Doublelift addresses the situation on stream

A day after the backlash, Doublelift on his stream said, “What did I mean by that? It’s basically the stuff of like when Fnatic lost in the LEC semis to G2 and that was one of the few games I managed to catch live. Twitch chat was spamming ‘more time with wifey, lonely wife’ and stuff. I thought that was funny at that time.

He went over Paula’s tweets and took ownership of his statement where he misunderstood what she meant by "abuse", saying he made a mistake. He stated that he was watching the “entire thing unfold and was getting canceled live on stream” while playing Rocket League with Offline TV.

I am reading this off-hand, really fast, and this is where I will take ownership that I made a mistake and I didn’t realize that she meant that she was actually abused,” he added.

He further said that he misinterpreted Paula’s tweet and thought she meant the online abuse and jokes that she was subjected to. “I am not laughing at someone else’s abuse. That’s absolutely idiotic.”

Doublelift also pointed out that the only thing that the outsiders knew of the whole situation was that it was very tight-lipped and it was funny. He clarified that he was “not an evil person” who makes fun of someone’s pain and that he did not know anything about the situation from the outside.

He said, “Realistically she has the right to be upset at me, but to paint me as an evil person who is marginalizing her abuse is like, I could not have possibly known that that happened and now that I do, of course, I am gonna stop.

Doublelift also reiterated that he was not the one making the jokes and that he was just someone who found them funny. He went through the comments on the Reddit post, which is now locked.

After everything that unraveled on social media, Paula wrote, “After all this me and my husband are gonna take distance from Twitter for an unforeseeable amount of time. I hope no one else will have to experience something like this again. Thank you to the people that are supportive.”

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