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Fnatic Upset and His Wife Forced to Clarify About Worlds 2021 Departure

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Paula and Upset were forced to clarify what happened at Worlds 2021 and why Upset had to leave the team before the tournament.
Paula stated that she was “abused” and that’s why Upset had to leave.
The discussion was brought to the fore after Doublelift talked about “Upset wifey memes” on his TrashTalk podcast with Nisqy and Jensen.

Fnatic Attack Damage Carry (ADC) Elias “Upset” Lipp and his wife Paula Lipp shared details about why Upset had to step down from Worlds 2021 and head back home. The couple was forced to clarify things after the topic was brought up in a discussion on Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng’s TrashTalk podcast on 20th April. Paula stated that she was “abused” and that Upset did not say anything about his sudden departure from Fnatic during Worlds 2021 because he wanted to protect her.

On the fifth episode of his podcast, Doublelift hosted former Team Liquid mid-laner Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen and Fnatic substitute mid-laner Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer. They discussed potential roster changes and also spoke about their old teammates and their off-seasons.

Jensen and Nisqy on TrashTalk

What was discussed on the TrashTalk podcast?

The trio discussed the timing at which they were let go from their respective teams and what they were up to in the off-season. Nisqy said that he was initially angry at Fnatic with the way things panned out: Marek “Humanoid” Brázda replacing him, his potential buyout, and the sudden roster change at Worlds 2021. However, he added that Fnatic sat him down and explained to him what actually happened, which he said: “made some sense” even though he still felt bad about it. Nisqy also stated that his mindset was to look at it as a business and that he looks forward to playing against Fnatic.

Following this, Doublelift asked Nisqy if he could talk about what happened with Fnatic Upset at Worlds 2021. He said, “I have to ask but I know you can’t say anything. You know the whole Upset sh** that happened. Did you think it was a justified reason? You don’t have to say the actual reason but at the time did you think it was a real good reason?

Responding to this, Nisqy said he would not like to comment on that. Doublelift further said, “All I am going to say is that the whole situation is so f**** funny, and Upset wifey memes are literally the funniest s*** I’ve seen in my life.

Following this, Nisqy clarified that he does not hate the person for it and that it was really sad how it happened. “It was an unfortunate situation. Everyone goes on with their lives and you can’t control five players on your team. It is how it is,” he added.

Paula responds to Doublelift

In response to Doublelift’s comments on his podcast, Paula Lipp wrote on Twitter, “I just heard @Doublelift1 say that memes about me are the funniest thing in the world. How good is [it] to make fun of other people's pain.

She also responded to a since-deleted comment clarifying that Upset left the team since she was “abused.”

Following this, Upset also addressed the issue on Twitter. He stated that people would finally understand the decision that was taken during Worlds 2021. He wrote, “Even though I feel like every person with at least half a brain can finally understand the decision now, the pain we endured and the accusations could have been answered sooner I feel so heartbroken that it was pushed to this point enough is enough f*** this place.

He also lashed out at the people who asked for the details of the “abuse” that Paula went through.

Fnatic Upset responds to a user on Twitter

Doublelift’s take on the situation

After reading Paula’s tweet, Doublelift stated that he still found the memes absolutely hilarious and that those who do not probably don’t have a sense of humor. He added, “I’m sure she has the right to be butthurt about it.

Doublelift later stated that the jokes were “not funny anymore” given the situation and that it is something very sensitive.

Many esports personalities and people from the League of Legends community have extended their support to both Paula and Fnatic Upset for undergoing what is blatantly a social media trial. The community pushing two people to talk about their private issues is not in the slightest way healthy.

League of Legends player Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen wrote on Twitter that he has always had a hard time “accepting the politics and witch hunts in esports” and asked the community to support Paula and Upset at this time instead of harassing them.

What happened at Worlds 2021 and Fnatic?

Hours before Fnatic’s first game at Worlds 2021, it announced that its starting ADC Upset would not be playing for the entire tournament since he had to head home to attend to an “urgent family matter.” The reason behind Upset’s departure was very vague and the community constantly speculated about what could have happened.

Upset and YamatoCanon

Following this, current BDS top-laner and former Fnatic member Adam "Adam" Maanane released a Twitlonger on 24th November 2021 stating that he was parting ways with Fnatic. He also addressed the many issues he faced with Fnatic and one among those was the Worlds 2021 situation.

Regarding this, he wrote, “Between us, there is absolutely nothing legal in Upset's departure and his departure is totally unjustified (at least until he says why he really left BECAUSE until today, Upset just left to join his girlfriend because she felt bad to be alone, and maybe I'm wrong who knows? Anyway, those were the last words he said to us before he left us one day before the Worlds. Of course, after the Worlds, I asked for details, but apparently, he didn't tell anyone the exact reasons for his departure --> There's nothing urgent because otherwise, he would have told us. And personally, I don't give a damn about the privacy reason when I worked, we all worked hard for 1 year to reach the Worlds.

Upset shared his own Twitlonger in response to Adam stating that he wanted his privacy in the matter and that he shared what happened with Zdravets “Hylissang” Iliev and coach Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi. He wrote, “I work extremely hard and people around me know how much I care about this so assuming petty reasons once again from someone inside the team, not talking to me directly about it now acting like everything was okay when we talked and saying something like this is just shocking and disappointing, to say the least.

Paula has been the recipient of threats and hate messages over the last six months and people make jokes about her and Upset constantly. An example of the hate she receives was showcased by her in this tweet. Yet again the esports community has shown how ugly things can get in this industry and the extent people go to, to unravel someone’s privacy.

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