Doublelift has been banned by Riot Games and the LCS from co-streaming this week's LCS matches after he said the LCS was dying on stream


Doublelift Banned From Co-Streaming the Upcoming Week’s LCS Games

The star ADC player recently criticized the LCS on stream and pays the price!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Doublelift revealed that he has been banned by the LCS and Riot Games from co-streaming this upcoming week’s LCS matches.
This is a result of him stating that the LCS was dying.

The League of Legends community knows very well that former pro player and star attack damage carry (ADC) Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng does not rein in when it comes to speaking his mind. As a person of great influence, Doublelift has been open about some of the behind-the-scenes action that takes place in premier teams and also the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). After the conclusion of the MrBeast vs Ninja show match, Doublelift revealed that Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson tried to get Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg on his team and that Riot Games and the LCS “blocked” it. On top of that, Doublelift shared some criticism about the league and its viewership data. In his recent livestream, Doublelift revealed that he has been suspended by the league and that he cannot co-stream the LCS for the upcoming weekend’s games.

What did Doublelift say about the LCS?

Initially, after saying that Bjergsen was scouted for the MrBeast vs Ninja tournament, Doublelift said that Riot Games and the LCS missed out on a big marketing move by not allowing Bjergsen, “the face of the league,” to be a part of it. He went on to further berate the league and said, “Look, guys. LCS is dying. The viewership is absolutely dying. There’s no denying it. Everyone knows it. Everyone can feel it.

Doublelift opined that the LCS could not pay enough for someone like MrBeast to include one LCS player in an event that is watched by a different audience pool with so many young and impressionable people.

Doublelift now revealed that he has been suspended from co-streaming LCS matches due to his comments on the league’s “dying” viewership numbers.

He said, “A couple of days ago, I was talking about how the LCS was so stupid for not letting Bjergsen play in the MrBeast tournament, and I think I said the words ‘LCS is dying.’ Your boy got extremely turbo-headshot by LCS. I’m on my second strike which means I can’t co-stream this upcoming weekend of LCS.

While the rules for co-streaming are unclear, Doublelift revealed that his first strike came after he watched a YouTube video on stream with “some profanity.

League of Legends streamer ForestWithin wrote on Twitter, “How disconnected is Riot to punish Doublelift for saying the LCS is dying when he holds a significant stake in LCS viewership, surely much greater than 5%. Like wat kind of ass backwards logic is this.

After revealing that he has been banned from co-streaming, Doublelift said he wanted to correct his statement as a token of his apology. Sarcastically he said, “The LCS is not dying and they are not stupid. Actually, the league is thriving.

The LCS resumes its matches on 16th July after a two-week break.

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