Disguised Toast unveiled the Game Changers roster for Team Disguised aka DSG.


Disguised Toast Unveils the Valorant Game Changers Roster of DSG

Toast also addressed the concerns around this team

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Disguised Toast unveiled the Game Changers roster for Team Disguised aka DSG.
The team will be competing in the Valorant NA Game Changers Series I Open Qualifiers.
Toast also addressed some of the backlash he received after announcing the team.

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang had enquired a few weeks ago about about potentially getting a pro player to set up a Valorant team. Weeks after looking for a Game Changers (GC) pro, Disguised Toast unveiled his second pro team in Valorant. This team will be competing in the Valorant Game Changers Open Qualifiers that is scheduled to kick off on 4th April. The Game Changers of Disguised or DSG is filled with familiar faces and big names in the scene. Following the announcement, Disguised Toast also addressed some of the backlash surrounding the team.

DSG’s Game Changers roster is a star-studded one

Disguised Toast's Game Changers team boasts content creators and professional Valorant players. The members were spotted scrimming together earlier this week. Following this, early on 28th March, Team DSG announced its Game Changers roster. 

The roster consists of Jodi “QuarterJade” Lee, Kyedae “kyedae” Shymko, Sydney “Sydeon” Parker, Tenzin “TrulyTenzin” Dolkar, and in-game leader and former Immortals pro player Lydia "tupperware" Wilson. Notably, the team’s coach is former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) player and Valorant coach Corey “ruin” Hartog.

The team added, “They'll be streaming their scrims and practice throughout the week! Open Qualifiers starts April 4th!

Disguised Toast addressed backlash over GC team

Some of the people involved in the Game Changers scene were seemingly upset with DSG announcing the team featuring one established pro player and four content creators. 

One Game Changers player Irene aka jellyfish wrote on Twitter, “As someone who competes in Game Changers primarily and cares about the growth of the scene and its players, it feels disrespectful that DSG originally asks for actual players to build a roster for Game Changers and then builds a team w 4 very popular streamers.

In the long Twitter thread, one of the concerns that was raised was how this team would be beneficial to the GC scene and jellyfish added, “This is going to sound disrespectful, but that's not my intention. they're making content. that is not what GC is. The attention they will receive is massive but the GC they are showing is not a competitive one and we already have trouble being taken seriously.

However, on16th March, Toast tweeted that he was only looking for one GC pro. He said, “Looking for 1 Valorant Game Changers player (currently without a team) who can IGL and lead a bunch of scrubs through open qualifiers.

Addressing some of these concerns in his recent Twitter thread, Disguised Toast clarified that he wanted to do more research about the scene before committing $300,000 USD “off a whim without more time given understanding the space.

He explained that he wanted to do something cool for Game Changers Series I and that he believes that it is an "under-served market". He also mentions that his "hope is the added attention shows the world that there is a demand for valo content such as this.” Toast stated that all the girls on the team are taking this event seriously and that they meet the criteria set out by Riot Games. 

Toast also revealed that he was open about his approach to pros tupperware and ruin with this particular Game Changers roster.

The Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Game Changers is a program that creates new opportunities and exposure for women and other marginalized genders within Valorant esports. The 2023 year for North American (NA) Valorant Game Changers notably kicks off with Game Changers Series I. The Open Qualifiers will run between 4th and 6th April and the main event of Series I will begin after a few days' gap on 11th April and conclude on 14th April.

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