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Did Riot Under-Deliver With Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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The League of Legends community is seemingly disappointed and displeased with the changes made by Riot Games on Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine’s hair.
The community has been requesting a revert but Riot made it clear that the PBE cycle is locked and ready for an official launch next week.

The League of Legends community was very excited to see Riot Games release another pool party-themed skin line for some of the champions in the game. On 24th May, Riot revealed that the Ocean Song skins will be the newest addition to the Pool Party lineup, right in time for the summer.

The following are the Ocean Song skins that shall be released on 8th June along with LoL Patch 12.11:

  • Ocean Song Seraphine

  • Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine

  • Ocean Song Yone

  • Ocean Song Nidalee

  • Ocean Song Zeri

  • Ocean Song Ashe

Ocean Song skins

Ocean Song skins

As usual, the company opened up a feedback and bug report thread for each of these Ocean Song skins on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE) subreddit, for players to voice their opinions after testing them out. After almost ten days, the testing cycle has come to an end and Riot Games ended up working on some of the feedback and has locked in the skins for release.

However, common consensus amongst the community is that Riot Games has done a poor job with the rework of Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine’s hair, which was initially requested by the players. After voicing their disappointment with the rework, numerous players are asking Riot Games to revert the changes.

What changes did Riot make to Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine?

After closely listening to player feedback about the skin, Riot Games’ skin team made a bunch of changes to Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine. As an update on the PBE thread, Riot DW Platypus detailed the following post-PBE cycle updates:

  • She now has a prestige-themed tattoo under her left eye, to keep it aligned with other skins.

  • More visual effects (VFX) have been added to the Heal from Surround Sound (W)

  • Passive aura on allies is no longer yellow. It has been changed to turquoise/aquamarine

  • Hair made slightly darker/orange-y

  • VFX on the platform is now better visible when the Echo part of the passive is ready.

They added, “Hair [is] now longer, more in line with other skins. This change was not confirmed by the time I prepared the changelog, but apparently, it was in by the time I posted it. Thanks for all constructive feedback!

Community requests a revert

At the time of writing, Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine's PBE Feedback thread has gathered over 1.9K comments, with the majority of the recent ones requesting her hair changes be reverted.

According to another Reddit post on the League of Legends subreddit, this Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine thread on the PBE subreddit is reportedly the most commented post on r/LeaguePBE.

Requests from the players

Requests from the players

The majority of the community pointed out that the long hair that Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine has looks like tentacles and that it does not go well with the theme of the skin line.

The Reddit post read, “Basically the PBE patch is locked and set for shipping next week. Now, this is a similar case with Pentakill Yorick but unlike with Yorick, the change is really easy, she doesn't need to be remodeled, they just have to revert the hair length change. Even if the branch is locked, they could ship this "Fix" with the patch after just like with K/DA Evelynn when they shipped small changes even 2 patches after.

With what looks like the majority of the player base requesting a revert on Seraphine’s hair model, it will be interesting to see whether Riot listens to them and makes the changes through a separate update after LoL Patch 12.11.

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