Are There Going to Be More Mid-Scope Updates for Champions in League of Legends?

Rell is a potential candidate for a mid-scope update in the coming days!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Mid-Scope Updates


Mid-scope updates help champions that have fallen off the meta pick up power and get back on their feet.
Taliyah, Olaf, and Swain recently received these updates.
Now Riot Games is looking at a “few more champions” for the mid-scope updates and Rell could potentially be on the list.

In League of Legends, mid-scope updates are not complete reworks of champions but are adjustments made on a smaller scale to the champions’ kits to help improve their pick and win rates in the game. These updates are made in an attempt to revive these champions and bring them back into play on Summoner’s Rift.

Riot Games has been hard at work in Season 12 to ensure that the champions stay relevant in the current meta by way of mini-reworks and by introducing tweaks to their ability kits. In LoL Patch 12.6, Riot released Rengar’s rework on the live servers.

Recently in the last two patches, Riot Games rolled out mid-scope updates for Swain, Taliyah, and Olaf and players have been extremely happy with these changes. With this being said, a few of Riot’s developers have confirmed that there are more mid-scope updates in the making but have not confirmed which champions are slated for these changes.

The success of mid-scope updates

The following are the stats for Olaf, Taliyah, and Swain in LoL Patch 12.9, according to U.GG.

Olaf (Top):

  • Tier - S+

  • Win Rate - 52.54%

  • Pick Rate - 3.9%

Taliyah (Mid):

  • Tier - S+

  • Win Rate - 52.75%

  • Pick Rate - 7.6%

Swain (Mid):

  • Tier - S

  • Win Rate - 52.99%

  • Pick Rate - 2.4%

On 18th May, Riot Games’ Principal Champion Designer August “August” Browning wrote on Twitter, “Now that Olaf, Taliyah, and Swain are out, we're spinning up Midscope updates for a few more champions! Still too early to talk about who we're working on. Will have more to share in [the] future as we find improvements we're confident in!

Following this, game designer Ezra “Phlox” Lynn also wrote, “More midscopes! More fun! Excited to get to share more when we can.

Even though Riot has not confirmed which of the champions are on this mid-scope update list, players can expect to see a Rell mini-rework very soon.

Rell Mid-Scope Update?

In the first week of May, on a Reddit thread discussing Rell, the lead of champions’ team Ryan “Reav3” Mireles commented, “Rell is a Champion we talk about as a possible target for a mid-scope update, similar to what we have recently done with Swain/Olaf/Taliyah. We think we could potentially smooth out some of the issues brought up in this thread with an update like that. We haven't started work on one yet, but she is a Champion we feel is [a] fairly high priority.

Mireles added that he personally thought Riot “missed the mark on her fantasy” and that she was a really interesting champion in early development. “When she was on her horse she was like REALLY fast, and then she was really slow when on the ground. As we started to balance the champ much later in development we found that her speed in her horse form would cause her optimal play to constantly leave her lane partner behind and just roam the whole game. It ended up being a pretty unhealthy play pattern so we had to nerf her horse movement speed to the point that her unique gameplay identity kind of disappeared,” he reasoned.


Mireles also stated that they would probably have to re-examine her and push her power to make her unique. The ideal scenario would be where people who like playing Leona also pick up Rell since both of them are armored tank support champions. “Right now if you like Leona you probably don't have a good reason to also play Rell and that is something we would want to address in a mid-scope,” he said.

Since Browning said the team at Riot is working on a “few more champions” it is fair to assume that players will be informed about them in the coming patches, especially after the conclusion of the balance changes that are imminent from the Durability Update patch in LoL Patch 12.10.

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