Are Expenses for VCT Brazil Split Between GE and S8UL? What Is Riot Games Covering?

Here is a breakdown of who is paying for what.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Are Expenses For VCT Brazil Split Between Global Esports And S8UL</p></div>
Are Expenses For VCT Brazil Split Between Global Esports And S8UL


During a recent livestream, Rushindra Sinha - CEO and Founder of Global Esports, explained Global Esports' expenses for VCT Brazil.
Rushindra clarified that S8UL would not be paying for any of their expenses and that it would be mostly taken care of by Riot Games.
He also highlighted that no participating team was allowed to stay in Brazil for an extended duration following its elimination.

All 30 partner teams along with two direct invites from China have assembled in Brazil for the ongoing VCT 2023 LOCK//IN São Paulo, which is scheduled to take place from 13th February to 4th March and features a total prize pool of $500,000 USD.

Operating and executing a tournament of this scale is sure to come with a hefty bill, but how much does Riot Games spend per team and what all do they cover?

In a recent livestream session, Dr Rushindra Sinha - CEO and Founder of Global Esports, spoke on this exact topic while also explaining if S8UL would be splitting any extra expense that the team incurs during the course of this tournament.

Will Global Esports split all expenses for VCT 2023 LOCK//IN São Paulo with S8UL Esports?

There was a lot of chatter within the Indian esports community following the strategic partnership between two of the most popular organizations from the country, S8UL and Global Esports.

Immediately after the announcement, Rushindra came forward to resolve most of the doubts and confusion that members of the community had about this collaboration.

However, the topic related to money and expense was left out, which he covered recently when a fan questioned, "Is the expense borne split between Global Esports and S8UL?"

To this, Rushindra immediately responded by saying that S8UL was not covering any of the expenses related to the tournament and that Global Esports would be bearing all of it.

"Why will S8UL pay for our expenses? These are our expenses. S8UL has many expenses of their own, they will pay their own bills," stated Rushindra.

Adding to this, Rushindra further revealed that Riot Games was bearing expenditure for up to a maximum of eight people, including flights, accomodation, food, and travel.

Rushindra said that the limit set by Riot was well justified, otherwise, all the participating organizations would bring loads of people and the expenses would skyrocket out of control.

Another thing that was higlighted by Rushindra was the fact that no team was allowed to stay for an extended duration following their elimination from the tournament.

Global Esports is slated to play its opening match on 23rd February against Team Vitality at 22:30 IST. It will be interesting to see how far the teams goes in its first true international appearance.

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