Rushindra Sinha Clears Dobuts About GE x S8UL Partnership


Rushindra Sinha Clears All Doubts Regarding Global Esports and S8UL Partnership

Clearing a lot of doubts, along with negativity.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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During a recent livestream session, Rushindra Sinha cleared multiple doubts that fans had about the partnership between Global Esports and S8UL Esports.
The two esports powerhouses from India have joined hands with an aim to develop the Valorant ecosystem in India.
Rushindra SInha stated, "S8UL coming onboard adds a layer on top, it doesn't take away from anything that Global Esports have built."

It was a celebratory moment for the Valorant community in India, as two esports powerhouses from the country, Global Esports and S8UL Esports, joined hands with an aim to develop the local Valorant ecosystem.

They aim to leverage the strengths that each of them bring to the table and create opportunities for upcoming Valorant players. In the meantime, both organizations will represent India together in the VCT 2023 LOCK//IN São Paulo.

Following this announcement, there was a lot of confusion across the community and in order to resolve it, Dr. Rushindra Sinha - CEO of Global Esports, hosted a short livestream session from the airport while travelling to São Paulo, Brazil.

Rushindra Sinha clears doubts related to the partnership between Global Esports and S8UL Esports

Dr. Rushindra Sinha cleared a lot of doubts in his recent livestream session about their partnership with S8UL Esports, which is stepping into competitive Valorant for the first time ever.

Partnership between Global Esports and S8UL Esports

Q. Will Global Esports and S8UL Esports become one organization?

He started by clarifying that the two esports organizations were not merging with each other and would continue to remain absolutely independent.

"We are going to run Global Esports, they are going to run S8UL, and together we are going to work hard to grow both companies," says Rushindra.

Q. Will S8UL be mentioned in front of the player name and on the team jersey?

Rushindra explained that the partnership was in place in order to provide the necessary boost to the Indian Valorant ecosystem and not for the sake of showing off their name.

He concluded by saying, "This is not a sponsorship deal, what will be achieved by putting a S8UL logo on the jersey?"

Q. Will there be an Indian flag on the team jersey?

No, this is because Riot Games has told all participants to refrain from putting the flags of their respective countries on the jersey, as certain problematic circumstances and unnecessary situations may arise due to it.

"There is neither an Indian flag nor S8UL being put on the jersey, don't worry," says Rushindra, "To use the Indian flag you require special permission from the government and Riot has specifically told us to avoid using any flags."

Q. Is the team hashtag changing to S8UL Fighting?

We are not changing the hashtag, clarifies Rushindra, it will continue to remain 'GEFighting'.

"In Korea all teams use the word 'Fighting', it is like a war cry," explains Rushindra, "So when we say 'S8UL Fighting' that just means we are welcoming all the S8UL fans into the family. The hashtag is not changing, it is going to remain 'GE Fighting', but all need to understand the sentiment behind it."

A lot of doubts were covered by Rushindra Sinha, who concluded his livestream by sending across this message to fans of both Global Esports and S8UL, "Them (S8UL) coming onboard adds a layer on top, it doesn't take away from anything that we (GE) have built. That is the purpose."

He also mentions that there is no need to spread any hate and negativity unnecessarily as it will only squelch the true purpose of this partnership.

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